ACS International Student Chapters

ACS student communities are an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to bond over their excitement for chemistry. With your peers, explore career paths, funding opportunities, and activities to share with your department, institution, and region.

Don't have a chapter at your school? No problem. We'll show you how to get started and stay active.

Start (or Reactivate) an International Student Chapter!

Here are the requirements for starting an ACS International Student Chapter

Minimum of 6 chapter members who are student members of the American Chemical Society (ACS)*

Having trouble finding potential recruits? Email us! We might be able to help you find ACS members at your school.

A faculty member who will serve as your advisor

Your faculty advisor must be an ACS member at the Premium or Standard package level. Learn more about the role of a faculty advisor on our faculty advisor resource page.

  1. Bylaws

    Bylaws lay out how you will manage your student community.

    Sample International Student Chapter Bylaws [DOC]

* Community Associates are welcome to join student chapters but are not eligible to be included in the count toward the membership requirement.

Once ACS approves your application, your chapter will be granted a charter and a certificate will be mailed to your faculty advisor or the chair of the nearest ACS chemical sciences chapter. They will present your new ACS International Student Chapter with your official charter certificate.

Keep Your Chapter Active!

Keeping your student chapter active helps to maximize the opportunities available to you and your fellow members. To remain active, your chapter must:

  • Maintain at least 6 ACS student members.
  • Submit a chapter report at least once every three years. 
    Note: The Student Chapter reporting system opens in April 2024
Tip: Designate a member of your chapter or organizing committee to create a record of an activity or event once it is completed. This documentation will help when it's time to write your chapter report!

Benefits of Keeping an Active Status

Keeping your chapter active means you will:

  • Be eligible for student community grants.
  • Get feedback from ACS on your activities and successes, as well as ideas to address challenges and grow your chapter.
  • Be considered for a Student Chapter Award in the academic year that your report is submitted.

Apply for Grants to Fund Your Chapter!

Grants can provide a major boost to fund your student community. Check out these ACS grants designed specifically for student communities!

Amount: Up to $750

ACS Student Communities DEIR Grant

Supporting professional development endeavors in Student Chapters and GSOs that advance the ACS Core Value of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect (DEIR).

Amount: Up to $1,000

ACS Student Communities Engagement Grant

Supporting ACS student community outreach events, group engagement, career and professional development, or group growth.

Amount: Up to $2,000

ACS Student Communities Professional Meeting Grant

Encouraging active ACS student communities to attend a professional conference by covering associated registration fees, lodging, and/or transportation costs.

Amount: Up to $350

ACS Student Communities Starter Grant

Supporting the creation or reactivation of ACS student communities, including Student Chapters, International Student Chapters, and Graduate Student Organizations.

Amount: Up to $5,000
Deadline: April 12, 2024

Global Innovation Grant

Supporting funding to ACS units, especially international chapters, for internationally collaborative and innovative activities/events.

Amount: $1,500 - $4,500
Deadline: July 15, 2024

Trust in Science and Scientists Grant

Encourages ACS groups to conceive of and implement programming and efforts that showcase trust in science and scientists.

Check out this inChemistry article for grant-writing pitfalls...and tips and tricks for avoiding them:

Top Five Reasons ACS Student Communities Grant Applications Get Rejected

Student Community Toolkit

Successfully start and manage your student chapter or GSO with these resources. If you have any questions, email ACS Student Chapters at, ACS International Student Chapters at, or GSO at

Tips for Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisor responsibilities, tips for building a successful group, and other essential information

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