ACS Student Communities Professional Meeting Grant

Grant at a Glance

Recipient Student, International
Category Travel
AmountUp to $2,000


To encourage active ACS Student Chapters, ACS International Student Chapters, and ACS Graduate Student Organizations (ACS GSOs) members to attend and participate in professional conferences, like an ACS Meeting, by covering associated registration fees, lodging, and/or transportation costs for one or more students.


Your group can request up to $225 for a virtual conference, $500 for an in-country meeting (within the country your group is located), or $2000 for an out-of-country conference (requiring travel to another country) to support chapter members attendance. Amount of grant is subject to change.

Applications must be received at least three months before the conference begins to be considered. If more applications are received than the allotted number of awards, your application will be rolled into the next quarter. You may receive this grant up to two times per year.


Student communities must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Have ACTIVE status with ACS
  2. It is highly encouraged that at least one member should present a paper or poster at the professional meeting. 
  3. All students listed as a traveler/presenter must be an ACS student member with a premium package.


Awarded funds will be sent to the university or chapter bank account. The faculty advisor will be responsible for appropriate disbursement of funds. Please note that processing/distribution of funds may be delayed due to the pandemic; if funds do not arrive in your account prior to your event, the funds can be used as a reimbursement for out of pocket costs directly associated with the awarded activity.


If you notify ACS of a cancellation or if your student group does not attend the conference, after payment has been issued, the grant money must be returned to ACS within 45 business days of the meeting date. If your student community fails to return the unused grant money, you will not be considered for other grants or awards.

Reporting Requirements

A final report will be required within 30 days of attending the conference. Information regarding how to submit the final report will be provided to those who receive the grant.

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