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You are the future of chemistry.

I’m proud to be a chemist because of all the opportunities it’s given me. It has helped me build confidence. It has taught me so much about the world, and how interdisciplinary my studies are. Not only do I pull things from the field of chemistry, but I feel like it’s the base of all the other life sciences.

Isha Shah

Graduate Researcher at Renesselar Polytechnic

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Students get deep discounts on ACS Membership

  • Personalized consulting, career guidance, and access to job-hunting resources
  • Member-only awards, grants, and fellowships
  • ACS Webinars
  • Weekly issues of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) Digital Edition
  • Quarterly ACS Discovery Reports
  • ACS Publications and Author Benefits
  • 25 activities annually through CAS SciFinder®
  • ACS Course and Workshop Discounts

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The best option for students, professionals, or retired, now at a better price.

For ACS Members who have retired from full-time employment and have 30 years of service, we offer Retired status – you can receive our Premium Package at a 50% discount.

For ACS Members who have retired from full-time employment and have 35 years of service, we offer Emeritus status – you can receive our Premium Package with no national dues required.

$160 Regular Members & Society Affiliates

$80 Recent Graduates

$55 Graduates

$25 Undergraduates

$80 Retired

$0 Emeritus

  • Up to a 40% discount on Meetings & Events registration fees
  • Access to the complete library of LinkedIn Learning resources
  • ACS Publications and Author Benefits
  • ACS Course and Workshop Discounts
  • 25 activities annually through CAS SciFinder®


A new option featuring a slimmed-down set of benefits at half the price.

$80 Regular Members & Society Affiliates

$40 Recent Graduates

Already have a Standard package? Upgrade to Premium Package

  • Weekly issues of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) digital edition
  • Quarterly ACS Discovery Reports
  • Member-only awards, grants, and fellowships
  • First-time members can join up to 3 Technical Divisions in their first year

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Common Questions / FAQs

  • Can I change my package?

    You may change your package during your renewal. If you decide not to remain a Member in good standing, you will be automatically transitioned to Associate status with the Basic Package. You can also upgrade your Basic or Standard package at any time.

  • What if I am currently receiving a discount or waiver?

    Most discounts and waivers have stayed the same in 2022 if your eligibility has not changed. Visit Dues Categories & Discounts to learn more.

  • Who can join ACS?

    Chemistry is foundational to all that we do and all that impacts us in the world. From enthusiasts, to students, to professionals, and beyond, there is a package for you.

    The Basic Package is available to anyone with an interest in chemistry. There are no degree or other requirements. This package gives you a limited set of benefits at no cost and is an easy way to connect, engage, and learn with one of the largest, most prestigious scientific associations in the world. 

    The Standard and Premium Packages are available to existing or prospective members that have a degree, certification, or significant work history in a STEM field, or as a teacher of chemical science. The Premium Package is also available for people whose occupation directly concerns the practice of a chemical science but do not meet degree or work history requirements.

  • Is ACS membership yearly?

    Multi-year options are available to all ACS Members, except Emeritus. You can select from a 2-year or 3-year option when joining, upgrading, or renewing your membership.

  • How do I get my ACS journals?

    To access your benefits, log-in with your ACS ID on the Publications website. Locate your article of interest and click on the PDF or HTML link for the article.

  • Do Retired, Emeritus, and 50-year members receive any sort of additional registration discount for ACS Meetings?

    Yes. In recognition for their years of continued service, Retired and Emeritus Members will continue to receive reduced meeting registration fees. Additionally, 50-year members of ACS will continue to be able to register for ACS Meetings at no cost.

  • Is there a discount for international members?

    ACS offers discounts for some countries outside the United States. This discount is shown at check out, if applicable. Renewing members will see this discount in their renewal offer, if applicable.

  • Can I pay for my membership via wire transfer?

    Yes. The American Chemical Society Incoming Wire/ACH/EFT information is as follows:

    Bank of America 
    100 N Tryon Street, Suite 170 
    Charlotte, NC  28202

    Contact: Stacy L Snow,

    Federal Tax ID # 53-0196572

    ABA Number: 026-009-593  
    Bank Name: Bank of America, NA 
    Account Name: American Chemical Society Operating  
    Account Number: 00-20-805-89-526 (must use all 12-digits)

    Routing Number: 054-001-204 
    Bank Name: Bank of America, NA  
    Account Name: American Chemical Society Operating  
    Account Number: 00-20-805-89-526 (must use all 12-digits)

    Contact Membership Services via email at or by phone at 800-333-9511 (+1-614-447-3776 outside the U.S.) with any questions. 

  • How much does it cost to join a Technical Division?

    Pricing varies by Technical Division. Visit the Technical Division webpage for more information. Please note additional postage charges may apply for mailings outside the U.S.  

  • In what format will I receive C&EN Magazine if I select the Premium Package?

    Regular, Society Affiliates, Retired, and Emeritus Members who select the Premium Package have the option of digital access or print delivery of C&EN Magazine. There is an $85 surcharge for international print delivery.

    Undergraduate and Graduate Students selecting the Premium Package receive digital access to C&EN Magazine. There is no option for purchasing a print subscription at an additional fee.

  • What is the difference between digital C&EN Magazine and C&EN Essential Newsletter?

    The Standard Package automatically includes a digital-only delivery of C&EN and is identical to the print version of the magazine except digitally delivered to your inbox. Less paper and no need for a physical address.

    The C&EN Essential Newsletter, included in the Basic Package, is a lighter version of the C&EN content with access to fewer articles. This keeps you up to date with the top articles each week at no cost. 

  • What is the member recognition program?

    This program rewards members who have the Standard or Premium Package for designated years of service with the Society. Years 1-10, 15, and 25 are celebrated with a gift.

  • Can I recruit a new member through the Member-Get-A-Member Campaign?

    ACS is working to retool our Member-Get-A-Member Campaign to better reflect all levels of participation in the American Chemical Society. As of 2022, ACS will no longer offer the Periodic Table of the Elements blanket incentive for recruiting full paid members and will be introducing a new referral program in the near future.  

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Phone: 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST
Toll Free in the U.S.: 1-800-333-9511
International: +1-614-447-3776