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Week 25

Week 25: June 18 – 24 (Archive)

June 18

  • E. D. Hughes, born 1906, researcher in physical organic chemistry.
  • Jerome Karle, born 1918, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1985).
  • Charles Baskerville, born 1870, developed processes for refining and hydrogenation of oils, plastic compositions and reinforced lead; researched anesthetic chemistry.
  • Dudley R. Herschbach, born 1932, developed molecular beams to study products of collisions, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1986).

June 19

June 20

  • Mary L. Good, born 1931, researcher in inorganic chemistry; industrial chemist; president of American Chemical Society (1987–1988).
  • W. R. Grace and Co. incorporated in 1899.
  • L. B. Magnusson and T. J. La Chappelle isolated the first microscopic quantity of a compound of neptunium (Np, 93) at University of Chicago in 1944.

June 21

  • Lockheed incorporated in 1932.

June 22

  • Nathaniel Howell Furman, born 1892, researched analytical separation of uranium.

June 23

  • Etienne-Louis Malus, born 1775, discovered polarization of light by reflection (1809); discovered theory of double refraction of light in crystals (1810).

June 24

  • Johannes Wislicenus, born 1835, proposed geometric isomers; synthesized acetoacetic esters.
  • Frederick G. Keyes, born 1885, researched thermodynamic properties of matter, kinetic theory, and application of thermodynamics to equilibria.