ACS Award for Team Innovation

Purpose: To highlight the value and importance of technical teams and teamwork to the chemical and allied industries by recognizing a multidisciplinary team for successfully moving an innovative idea to a product in commercial use now.

Nature: The award will consist of a cash award of $6,000 which will be shared equally by all team members. Each team member will receive a certificate and a certificate will also be provided to the employers of the team.

Eligibility: This award recognizes the team responsible for a commercialized innovation.

The team shall be multidisciplinary in nature and consists of not fewer than two (2) members.  The nominated team's work must include at least one ACS member in good standing, and the accomplishments of the team must be documented in the technical literature as a publication(s) or a patent(s).

The output of the team must also demonstrate impact by the commercialization of a product or process that is of a special value to society, and be of a nature that could only be achieved by professionals working together effectively as a team.   The rate of commercialization of the team's output will also be considered in the selection of the recipients of this award. The commercialization effort should have occurred with no major adverse impact to human health and the environment, e.g., no serious fire, explosion or employee injuries and the product should provide users with realistic health, safety and environmental protection consistent with its intended use.

The award will be granted regardless of race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, presence of disabilities, or educational background of the team members. 

Deadline: November 1 (annual review).

Establishment & Support: The award was established in 1994, with financial support from the Committee on Corporation Associates of the American Chemical Society.

Contact Information

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Washington, D.C. 20036-4801
Phone: 202-872-4575
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François Beaume, Arkema’s Pierre Benite plant; Walter P. Kosar Jr., Gregory S. O’Brien, and Roderick Reber III, Arkema; Jean-Michel Espenan and Olivier Lorain, Polymem.

Lori L. Kardos, Teresa Karjala, Joe Ortega, Dow; Otto J. Berbée (retired) and Jaap den Doelder, Dow Benelux, The Netherlands

Eric K. Lin, Vivek M. Prabhu, Christopher L. Soles, and Wen-li Wu (retired), National Institute of Standards and Technology

Vladimir G. Beylin (Pfizer), Brian P. Chekal (Pfizer), Nga M. Do (Pfizer), David W. Fry (Pfizer), Nathan D. Ide (Abbvie Inc), Brian P. Jones (Pfizer Central Research), Peter L. Toogood (Lycera Corp.), and  Hairong (Angela) Zhou (Genentech).

Robert A. De Vries (R DeVries Consulting, LLC), Philip Garrou (Microelectronic Consultants of NC), Carol E. Mohler (Dow Chemical), Theodore M. Stokich, Jr., (Dow Chemical), and Eric S. Moyer, (LORD Corporation).

Matthew F. Brown (Pfizer, Inc), Mark E. Flanagan (Pfizer, Inc), Chakrapani Subramanyam (Pfizer, Inc), Paul S. Changelian (Confluence Life Sciences), and Michael J. Munchhof (Michael J. Munchhof, LLC).

Ryan Gaston, James R. Keenihan, Abhijit A. Namjoshi, Stephen Pisklak, and Jason A. Reese, (Dow Chemical).

Ramin Amin-Sanayei, Kevin Hanrahan, John Stuligross, Roice Wille and Kurt Wood (Arkema).

Dustin Caldwell, April Carman, Glen E. Fryxell, Kenneth G. Rappé, and Thomas S. Zemanian (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory).

Raymond E. Boucher, James E. Dripps, Donald E. Kelley, and Nick D. Simmons (Dow AgroSciences LLC).

Patricia Burns (Xerox Research Centre of Webster), Chieh-Min Cheng (Xerox Corporation), Grazyna Kmiecik-Lawrynowicz (Xerox Corporation) and Tie Hwee Ng (Xerox Research Centre of Canada).

Daniel Cordova, John H. Freudenberger, Thomas P. Selby and Thomas M. Stevenson (DuPont Crop Protection).

Hai-Ying Chen (Johnson Matthey Inc.), Neal W. Currier (Cummins Inc.), Howard S. Hess (Johnson Matthey Inc.), Bradlee J. Stroia (Cummins Inc.), Aleksey Yezerets (Cummins Inc.).

Stanley Collins (3M) and Scott R. Culler (3M).

Michael R. Barbachyn (Pfizer Inc.), Steven J. Brickner (Pfizer Inc.), Douglas K. Hutchinson (Abbott Laboratories) and Peter R. Manninen (Eli Lilly and Company)

Charles A. Harbert (retired), B. Kenneth Koe (retired), Reinhard Sarges (retired), Albert Weissman (retired) and Willard M. Welch (retired), Pfizer Inc.

S. Randall Holmes-Farley (Genzyme Drug Discovery and Development) and W. Harry Mandeville (Peptimmune, Inc. for work done at Genzyme Drug Discovery and Devleopment)

2004 Steven A. Van Slyke and Ching W. Tang (Eastman Kodak Company)

Charles R. Harrison, George P. Lahm, Stephen F. McCann, and Keith D. Wing, (E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.,Inc.); and Rafael Shapiro (Bristol-Myers Squibb for work done at E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.,Inc.)

Zhenan Bao, Ananth Dodabalapur, and John A. Rogers (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies); Karl Amundson and Paul S. Drzaic (E Ink Corporation)

Francis M. Houlihan and Omkaram Nalamasu (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies), James M. Davidson and Ashok T. Reddy (Arch Chemicals, Inc.); and Arturo N. Medina (Arch Chemicals Semiconductor Photopolymers)

Juan P. Arhancet, Hoe H. Chuah, Donald R. Kelsey, Joseph B. Powell, and Paul R. Weider (Shell Chemical Co.)

Michael Showell and Manuel Venegas (Procter & Gamble Co.); and Richard R. Bott, David Estell, and Thomas P. Graycar (Genencor International)

James H. Anderson, Ronald E. Chance, Richard DiMarchi, and Bruce H. Frank (Eli Lilly & Co.)

David J. Carini, John V. Duncia, and Pancras C. Wong (DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co.); and Ronald S. Eydelloth and Michael L. Goldberg (Merck Research Laboratories)

Satish Duggal, Thomas Hinman, Brian Stutts, David F. Thompson, and Raja Wusirika (Corning, Inc.)

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Award for Team Innovation Recipients
2019 recipients Christopher L. Soles, Vivek M. Prabhu, Eric K. Lin, and Wen-li Wu (not pictured) were presented their award by sponsor representative Robert J. Wolcik (right), and Bonnie A. Charpentier, ACS President (left).
Photo by Loris Guzzetta/ACS