Nomination Requirements & Timeline

Are you nominating someone for an ACS National Award? The following table outlines what you need to include with your submission. You can also view a timeline of the nomination period.

Contact Information For the nominator*, nominee, and support letter writers. This information can be searched in the online system by name or member number. If the nominee is a nonmember, the contact information can be entered in the online database by selecting Create New Nominee. This option will appear after the nominee’s name has been entered. Please include the email address, prefix (Dr. Mr. Mrs.), organization, job title, full address, and telephone numbers.
(25 words or less)
Include a description of the work that can be inscribed on the award certificate (i.e., For his or her outstanding accomplishments...).
Recommendation Letter
(750 words or less)
Describe why the nominee’s accomplishments should receive the award. The letter should describe the nominee's work and how it is aligned with the purpose, eligibility, and/or criteria of the Award, the impact on the discipline, the significance (scientific or otherwise) of this effort, and the benefits to the Society.
Biographical sketch Brief biographical sketch (2 pgs) that focuses on the award and selection committee criteria. If award specifies degree and date information, please include. Please do not include a list of publications and patents.
List of Nominee’s Most Significant Publications and Patents
(20 maximum)
Address the general area of the Award’s purpose. (For the ACS Award for Creative Invention, a copy of the patent must be submitted with the nominating documents.)
Support letter
(400 words or less)
One support letter is required. A second support letter is optional, but strongly encouraged. Support letter writers are not required to be members of the Society. Supporter's contact information should be included in the letter, preferably on letterhead.

To assist the selection committee in its deliberations, the support letter(s) should contain information not addressed in the recommendation letter. The support letter(s) should clearly describe the impact of the work on the discipline, the significance of the research findings, and the way the Award’s purpose and criteria have been met.

*The author of the recommendation letter is the nominator; therefore enter this individual’s contact information in the database as the nominator.

Procedure & Timeline

  1. July 1 – November 1 each year is the open period for nominations. Completed nominations are submitted online at
  2. From February through July of the following year, the Award Selection Committees review all the nominations.
  3. The ACS President will contact all recipients to inform the nominees that he or she has been named the recipient of the Award. An official letter of congratulations will be mailed to each recipient.
  4. The recipients are announced in the Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) during the week of the ACS Fall Meeting.
  5. Each recipient is required to deliver an address on the scientific work that is being recognized by the Award during the ACS Spring Meeting. The presentation will be given in a designated division or a division appropriate for the Award depending on the eligibility requirements of the Award. See a complete listing of ACS Technical Divisions.
  6. The Award will be presented to the recipient at the ACS Spring Meeting during the National Awards Program Ceremony and General Meeting of the Society. The Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards will be presented during the ACS Fall Meeting.

Other Information

Nominating a Team for an Individual Award

Nominations of more than one individual for a National Award not labelled as a team award is acceptable, but the sharing of the Award will be permitted only in exceptional cases and requires prior approval of the sponsor. Please send this request to before submitting the nomination.

Posthumous Awards

Posthumous awards will be made only when knowledge of the individual's death is received after the recipient has been announced. Nominations of individuals known to be deceased will not be accepted.

ACS National Awards Timeline


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July 1, 2022
2024 Nomination Open Period

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August 2022
2023 Winners Announced

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October 2022 - April 2023
2024 Selection Committee
Appointment Process

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November 1, 2022
2024 Nomination Period Closes

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January - June 2023
2024 Selection Committee
Review Process

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March 2023
National Awards Ceremony - 2023 Winners