Elias J. Corey Award for Outstanding Original Contribution in Organic Synthesis by a Young Investigator

Sponsor: The Pfizer Endowment Fund

Purpose: To recognize original and insightful work by a young investigator that has had significant impact on the field of synthetic organic chemistry.

Nature: The award consists of $5,000 and a certificate. Up to $2,500 for travel expenses to the meeting, at which the award will be presented, will be reimbursed.

Eligibility: The award will be granted to an individual who has less than 15 years of experience since his/her terminal degree, who has demonstrated creativity in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. A nominee must have accomplished research that is of exceptional merit and adds value to the field, such as the contribution of a novel and highly useful reagent, reaction, or catalytic process that solves a synthetic problem of considerable importance. Special consideration will be given to the application of such novel chemistry toward the synthesis of natural products and organic molecules of medicinal importance, and to the discovery of novel reactions or processes with broad utility. The award will be granted regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, presence of disabilities, and educational background.

Deadline: November 1 (annual review).

Establishment & Support: The award was established by the ACS Board of Directors in 2002. It is supported by the Pfizer Endowment Fund, which was funded by Pfizer Inc.

Contact Information

Awards Office
American Chemical Society
1155 16th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20036-4801
Phone: 202-872-4575
Fax: 202-776-8008


2021 Ryan A. Shenvi

2020 Sarah E. Reisman

2019 Vy Dong

2018: Seth B. Herzon

2017: Neil K. Garg

2016: Phil S. Baran

2015: Jin-Quan Yu

2013: Martin D. Burke

2012: Jeffrey S. Johnson

2011: Jeffrey W. Bode

2010: Mohammad Movassaghi

2009: Brian M. Stoltz

2008: F. Dean Toste

2007: Michael J. Krische

2006: Justin Du Bois

2005: David W. C. MacMillan

2004: Gregory C. Fu

2019 recipient Vy Maria Dong (center) is presented her award by sponsor representative Michelle Tran-Dubé (right), and Bonnie A. Charpentier, ACS President (left).
Photo by Loris Guzzetta/ACS