Green Chemistry ACS Student Chapters

What is an ACS Student Chapter?

ACS student chapters are organizations for undergraduate chemical science majors. Members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers.

More about ACS Student Chapters

Why Go Green?  

Chapters who engage in at least three green chemistry outreach and educational activities during the school year are eligible to win a Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award. 

  • Recognition at ACS National Meetings
  • Information on green chemistry travel awards and scholarship opportunities
  • Complimentary copies of green chemistry educational materials on request
  • Connections to faculty engaged in green chemistry research

What qualifies as a green chemistry activity?

Watch this short video to see what qualifies as a green chemistry activity for your ACS Student Chapter.

"How To" Guides for ACS Student Chapter Activities

These guides, designed for students, provide in-depth instructions on conducting green chemistry activities. Student chapters are encouraged to think creatively about their activities, but are invited to make use of the examples provided. 

green chemistry how to guides
Green Chemistry How to Guides Introduction
how to host a debate
How to Host a Green Chemistry Debate
how to give a green chemistry demonstration
How to Give a Green Chemistry Demonstration
how to host a green chemistry event
How to Host a Green Chemistry Event
how to plan a green chemistry field trip
How to Plan a Green Chemistry Field Trip
how to host a green chemistry lecture
How to Host a Green Chemistry Lecture
how to get green in the media
How to Get Green in the Media
how to host a green chemistry scavenger hunt
How to Host a Green Chemistry Scavenger Hunt


ACS Student Chapters may be recognized as a green chemistry chapter by engaging in at least three green chemistry activities during the academic year.

The Chapter Report serves as the basis for awarding "green" status to student chapters. Green chemistry activities may be documented in the annual report through minutes, announcements, photographs, and/or newsletters. 

Get more ideas for green chemistry activities and information on the Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award page.

Ineligible Activities

  • Park, stream, road or other clean-up 
  • Recycling drive 
  • Water monitoring Reusing materials from past reports 
  • Earth Day celebration without green chemistry component specified 
  • Any activity with only one member involved 
  • Attending three talks by home university professors 
  • General sustainability practices, (e.g. using biodegradable coffee filters) 
  • Most movie screenings (especially when only linked to climate change without a chemistry context) 
  • Outreach activities or demos with no green chemistry component

But it’s about more than just winning an award...

By incorporating green chemistry into your student chapter’s activities you can:

  • Be a spokesperson for green chemistry’s role in providing innovative solutions
  • Start a movement towards a sustainable future through green chemistry outreach
  • Have a positive impact on human health, the environment & the future
  • Gain valuable skills and perspectives that will be competitive in chemistry careers 
Student Awards at the 2013 ACS National Meeting in New Orleans
ACS GCI's Jennifer MacKellar and Dr. David Constable presenting a Green Chemistry Award in New Orleans to Fresno State ACS Student Affiliate President Brittany Bevier (center). Nick L. Mole, the mascot of the chapter and the San Joaquin Valley Local Section joins on the left.
Photo Credit: Christine Brennan Schmidt

Green Chemistry Student Chapters are encouraged to apply for an Innovative Activities Grant to support green chemistry activities in research and community-oriented activities.