Two-Year College Chemistry Faculty Status Survey

According to the National Science Foundation InfoBrief, more than 40% of students earning bachelor’s or master’s degrees in science and engineering attended a two-year college. Who is teaching these students? How many are non-tenure-track? How many are holding more than one position?

To answer these and other questions, ACS conducted the Two-Year College Chemistry Faculty Status Survey in Spring 2010. Designed to parallel the ACS Committee on Professional Training’s 2009 Faculty Status Survey, the Two-Year College Chemistry Faculty Status Survey provides a snapshot of the landscape for two-year college chemistry faculty.

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By the numbers…

Two-year college courses

53% of reported chemistry sections could be applied to a chemistry major.

33% of reported chemistry lecture sections were taught by contingent faculty.

21% of responding institutions had no dedicated chemistry-based program.

Two-year college chemistry faculty

75% of responding institutions reported having permanent chemistry faculty positions.

49% of reported chemistry faculty positions were contingent.

40% of reported chemistry faculty were female.