NCW 2023 Celebrating Chemistry

The Healing Power of Chemistry

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The Healing Power of Chemistry: How Your Body Is Its Own Bodyguard

Learn about the types of immunity that your body uses to protect you! Stomach acid, tears, and mucus (like snot) are a few of your body’s defenses. 

Beat Bad Bacteria with Antibiotics

Find out how antibiotics help your body recover from a bacterial infection.

Why Wild Animals Don't Need a Vet!

Have you ever seen a dog or cat nibble on grass from the lawn? Find out how wild animals use plants and insects to cure their illnesses, heal their injuries, prevent diseases, kill parasites, and aid digestion!

Meg A. Mole Interview with Dr. Gregory Naumiec

Meg A. Mole travels to Conway, Arkansas to interview Dr. Gregory Naumiec, Associate Professor at the University of Central Arkansas!

Good Health Begins with Your Skin

Your skin keeps you healthy but find out what you can do to keep your skin healthy! 


Science Safety Tips

Meg and Avi share important safety rules to follow every time you do a hands-on chemistry activity at home. 

Bandages for Faster Healing

Compare how much liquid a regular bandage and a hydrocolloid bandage can absorb.

Build a Better Bandage

Engineer your own bandage at home with materials you find around the house.

Cloudy with a Chance of Clear Color

Explore the magnificent color changes of milk of magnesia, vinegar, and red cabbage juice as they go cloudy to clear!


The Healing Power of Chemistry - The Game!

Race your friends to FINISH as you answer questions, perform actions, and learn about the professionals that study chemistry to help you heal!

The healing power of chemistry - the game

Bonus Content

Getting Rid of Unused Medicines … the Safe Way!

Read this article on how to become the drug disposal champion of your house!

From Farm to Pharmacy

Did you know that billions on dollars are spent on looking for cured for diseases? Find out how nature may just be the answer. 

NCW 2023 Theme Team
  • Dave Heroux, NCW Chair and 2023 Co-Chair 
  • Janet Asper, 2023 Co-Chair
  • Alexsa Silva
  • Avrom Litin
  • Faith Yarberry
  • Jackie Trischman
  • Keith Krise
  • Monica Sekharan
  • Veronica Jaramillo
  • Bill Doria
  • Tracy Hamilton
  • Sherri Rukes
  • Cheryl Trusty
  • Oksana Love
  • Lori Stepan
  • Regina Malczewski
Production Team
  • Sri Balasubramanian, Editor 
  • Eric Stewart, Copyeditor 
  • Michael Tinnesand, Copyeditor
  • Rhonda Saunders, Designer
  • Jim Starr, Illustrator
Technical and Safety Review Team
  • Lynn Hogue, Consultant
  • Bettyann Howson, Safety Reviewer 
  • Ashley Neybert, Accessibility Reviewer 
  • Krupa Haranahalli, Technical Reviewer
  • Skylar Carlson, Technical Reviewer
  • Margaret Olson, Technical Reviewer
Division of Education
  • Terri Chambers, Senior Director, Education Division
  • Nancy Bakowski, Director of Academic Engagement and Outreach 
  • Lily Raines, Manager, Science Outreach
  • Patti Galvan, Program Manager, Science Outreach
  • Sri Balasubramanian, Program Specialist, Science Outreach


The articles and activities used in this publication were written by theme team members of the ACS Committee on Community Activities under the leadership of Lori Stepan. Meg A. Mole’s interview was written by Kara KasaKaitas. The translation for Celebrando la Química was done by ACSI Translations. Front cover illustration concept is by Faith Yarberry. Center spread illustration concept is by Dave Heroux.


The activities described in this publication are intended for children under the direct supervision of adults. The American Chemical Society cannot be responsible for any accidents or injuries that may result from conducting the activities without proper supervision, from not specifically following directions, or from ignoring the cautions contained in the text.