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About the Cover

NCW 2023 Cover: The Healing Power of Chemistry

About the Cover

About 5 weeks after breaking his arm, the little mole is at the doctor’s office to see how he’s healing. On the computer screen, you can see an X-ray of the healing bone called the radius. The bone was held in place by a soft fiberglass cast. Notice how a little bump (called a callus) has formed as the bone has healed.

On the doctor’s shelves, you can find:

  • milk of magnesia: a liquid medication (activity on page 9) for heartburn, upset stomach, and constipation
  • hydrogen peroxide: a chemical disinfectant commonly used for cleaning wounds
  • bandages: used to cover cuts and speed up the body’s ability to heal wounds (find out more about bandages on page 4, and how to make your own on page 5)
  • pain relief medication (analgesics): treat pains from injuries, twisted ankles, and headaches
  • all the cool “Doctor” books: Dr. Grey, Dr. Who, Dr. Sleep, Dr. Strange, and Dr. Dolittle

On the counter, you can also find:

  • otoscope: used to check ears for signs of hearing loss, earaches, and infections, or to find out if an ear canal needs cleaning
  • sphygmomanometer (or blood pressure cuff): used to measure how well a heart is pumping blood throughout the body
  • digital thermometer: tells whether you have fever as your body is busy fighting germs (read more on page 3)
  • older editions of Celebrating Chemistry: did you notice our recent algae edition?