About the Cover

CCEW 2024 Cover: Get a Charge out of Chemistry

About the Cover

The picture on the cover shows at least 11 gadgets that run on batteries. Can you find them all? Read on to confirm. (See On the Hunt...for Batteries for an activity to find items that function on batteries around your home.)

In the background, you will see a:

  • Battery-operated pedestal fan (moles on a picnic);
  • Radio (being set up on the blanket);
  • Lantern (handheld);
  • Battery-powered EV (which is plugged in for charging); and
  • Mobile phone (being held by the mole charging the EV)

In the foreground, on the hiking path for pedestrians and battery-operated vehicles, you will see:

  • Tera on her battery-operated wheelchair enjoying the warm day;
  • Avi riding his safe Segway ride and soaking up the sun;
  • Milli riding her e-scooter with the wind in her hair;
  • A mole on his hoverboard having a ball;
  • Other moles pedaling their e-bikes and appreciating the easy ride; and
  • A mole runner with a smart watch, checking the number of steps as they workout.

You might also notice:

  • Wind-powered turbines to harness wind energy; and
  • Solar panels to harvest sun’s energy.