The program must have mechanisms in place to maintain the professional competence of its faculty, provide faculty development and mentoring opportunities, and provide regular feedback regarding faculty performance.


  • There must be at least five full time permanent faculty wholly committed to the chemistry program. These faculty members should cover the five foundational areas of chemistry: analyical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry (ABIOP).
  • At least 75% of the permanent chemistry faculty members must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent research degree.

Teaching Contact Hours

  • Institutional policies about teaching contact hours should provide all faculty and instructional staff with adequate time for professional development, regular curriculum assessment and improvement, contact with students outside of class, and when appropriate, supervision of research.

Support Staff

  • A sustainable and robust program requires an adequate number of administrative personnel, stockroom staff, and technical staff, such as instrument technicians, machinists, and chemical hygiene officers.

Student Teaching Assistants

  • If undergraduate or graduate students serve as teaching assistants, they must be properly trained and supervised.
  • Training and supervision ensures that students are prepared for and effectively fulfill the responsibilities associated with being a teaching assistant.

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