Application Process

An application guide is available to assist with completing the forms, tables, and uploading the supplementary materials.

1. Initial Conversation with ACS

  • Review the international guidelines and then email us at to set up an initial conversation.
  • This initial conversation will focus on defining the international guidelines, reviewing the application and review processes, and answering any questions you have about the program.

2. Application Forms

  • Following a conversation with the ACS staff, complete the application forms linked below.
  • These are all Google forms and do not have to be completed in the order listed.

3. Data Tables

  • Download and complete the tables linked below.

4. Submit Supplementary Documents

  • Provide the necessary supplementary materials, translated into English, for review by the Global Activities subcommittee of the ACS Committee on Professional Training.

5. Conference with ACS

  • Following the review of submitted materials, we will schedule a conference between representatives of your program and the reviewers of your application.
  • This discussion does not require a formal presentation but rather is a conversation about your program and will focus on clarifying areas of your application.

6. Outcome

  • The Global Activities subcommittee members that reviewed your application will convene to render a decision.

7. Communication of the Decision

  • This decision will be conveyed to the primary department representative via email and, if the program aligns with the international guidelines, will be featured on this website.
  • The letter will contain a complete evaluation of your program including areas where the program can improve as well as areas where the program is successful.

8. Recognition

  • Recognized programs will receive an electronic badge to post on their social media and websites that describes the criteria they met for recognition.

Application Materials

Supplementary Materials

Please translate all documents into English.

  • An example syllabus from all courses required for the chemistry degree.
  • Representative examples of exams or other assessments given in these courses.
  • Bundle into a PDF organized by the type of course:
    • Foundation courses
    • In-depth courses
    • Courses that contain MSN content OR a dedicated polymer course
  • A list of required laboratory courses beyond introductory chemistry that includes all of the experiments performed in each course.
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Contact the ACS Approval Program

Phone: 202-872-4589 | Fax: 202-872-6066
Mail: Office of Professional Training
American Chemical Society, 1155 16th St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20036