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Open for Discussion: How You Got to School

Open for Discussion: Does it Matter How You Got to School Today?

All the ways of getting to school take energy in one form or another, but does the source of energy
matter to us, or our community, or our world?



Acidic Seas: How Carbon Dioxide is Changing
the Oceans

By George Hale

Changes in our global atmosphere are adding carbon dioxide to the air we breathe, and also to our oceans.  Find out about the far-reaching effects to the underwater world.


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ocean acidification

As a Matter of Fact

Ocean Acidification and Chemical Signalling.


Pathway to Pain Relief

By Sarah Mullen Gilbert

Understanding how pain is transmitted in our bodies is key to finding modern medicines that can stop the uncomfortable sensation.

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Cool Chemistry of Dry Ice

The Cool Chemistry of Dry Ice

By Brian Rohrig

It is not really dry, and it certainly isn’t ice, but solid carbon dioxide is commonly available and always interesting to investigate.

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edible wrappers

Eat the Wrapper—An edible solution for wasteful packaging

By Courtney Bricker-Anthony

Food containers and packaging generate a lot of garbage. New technology may allow us to make this problem much more palatable.

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Indigo: The Blue in Blue Jeans

Indigo: The “Blue” in Blue Jeans

By Jeffrey Deakin and Raymond Cooper

There is some complex chemistry behind everyone’s favorite clothing choice. How indigo dye is made involves both ancient roots and modern advances.

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