Frequently Asked Questions

Student Chapter Reports

  1. Where do I begin? What do I do first?
    First, make sure your chapter has an account in the system. Next, download these forms: Chapter Report Table and Financial Report Template. Complete the forms and other supporting documents and click here to submit a new report. Log in to the online system and select “Click here to submit a new report.” Follow the 6-step submission process.
  2. How do I know if we have an account in the system?
    First, please check with your faculty advisor. If your chapter does not have an account, contact or call 1-800-227-5558, ext. 4480. To create a new account, complete the new account form.
  3. How do I get a Username and Password?
    First, check with your faculty advisor to see if your chapter has an account in the system. If your advisor does not have an account or your faculty advisor has changed, please contact
  4. What if our account is in the name of someone who has left the school?
    First, please check with your faculty advisor. To update your chapter’s account, contact Please don’t set up an account without contacting your advisor or ACS.
  5. Can I use my faculty advisor’s account?
    While each chapter must have an account under the name of your faculty advisor, the primary e-mail address on the account can be your chapter’s group e-mail address. Remember, all correspondence from the system will be sent to the primary e-mail address.
  6. Does my faculty advisor have to upload the report?
    No. Though your faculty advisor must review your report, the intent is for the chapter officers to upload the report.
  7. Can I change or edit my report once it is submitted?
    No. You can edit your report as many times as you need to before it is submitted. If there is a change that needs to be made after you have submitted your report, please contact
  8. There is not enough file space. What can I do?
    There is a 2.5 MB size limit for your entire report. To optimize space, please upload only low-resolution photos in the supporting documents. High resolution photos are a very nice supplement and we use as many as possible in various ACS publications. Burn high-resolution photos on a CD or flash drive and mail it separately to:

    ACS Undergraduate Programs Office
    1155 Sixteenth Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20036

    Please include the name of your school and the ID number of your report on the CD label.
  9. How many files do I need to upload?
    One Chapter Report Table. The Financial Report Template is optional. You may also add up to two supporting documents corresponding to each section of the report.
  10. How do I add supporting documents?
    First, identify the type of supporting document from the pull down menu. Then, you may add up to two documents per section of the report. For the Green Chemistry section, you may upload up to three documents.
  11. When I push the upload button, the computer hangs up. What can I do?
    Sometimes it can take a while for files, especially large ones, to upload. However, if your wait time is more than 1-2 minutes, please stop the process and perform the upload again. Remember you have a 2.5MB limit. If you still encounter problems after reloading the document, please contact
  12. What types of files can I upload?
    You can upload Word, Excel, PDF, PPT, JPEG, and GIF files. Do not upload video files.