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Put your cupcakes on the table...or the table on your cupcakes

Celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table with delicious cupcakes! 

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Create edible element decorations. Click on the "Cupcake Tips" tab to download sugar sheet element labels adapted from the 2015 Periodic Table of Moles.

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Tips for Creating a Periodic Table of Cupcakes

Making the cupcakes
  • A complete periodic table requires five batches of cupcakes (24 cupcakes per batch)
  • For a smaller periodic table, omit the lathanide and actinide series (four batches)
  • To maintain freshness, freeze cooled cupcakes until ready to decorate
  • Use different colors/flavors for different parts of the table (e.g., noble gases, transition metals, etc.) or to denote solids, liquids, etc.  

Decorating the cupcakes

Most people decorate the cupcakes by hand, following the periodic table. You can also try one of the following:

Did you know...

... J and Q are the only letters that do not appear on the periodic table of elements

Periodic Table Fun Facts

  • Prescient model
    Dmitri Mendeleev first published his periodic table of elements in 1869, 28 years before electrons were discovered.
  • Multitool
    Trends illustrated by the periodic table include atomic radius, electronegativity, electron affinity, metallic character, melting point, ionization potential, filling of electron energy levels and orbitals, preferred oxidation numbers, reactivity.
  • Completion (so far)
    All seven rows (periods) of the periodic table were finally filled in 2016, with the official introduction of nihonium (Nh), moscovium (Mc), tennessine (Ts), and oganesson (Og).
  • Record
    The smallest periodic table was carved on a single strand of hair and measures 89.67 x 46.39 mm.
  • Periodic Table of Cupcakes
    Ida Freund (the first female chemistry lecturer in the United Kingdom) is credited with making the first periodic table of cupcakes in 1907 as a teaching aid.

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Put your cupcakes on the table...or the table on your cupcakes

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