International and Local Section Landmarks

International Historic Chemical Landmarks

International Historic Chemical Landmarks commemorate chemists and chemistry from around the world that have had a major impact in the United States or that hold a clearly defined link to the people or events in U.S. chemistry and history.

The NHCL program evaluates international nominations based on the standard NHCL Criteria and using the standard NHCL Nomination Form. Nominations may, but are not required to, offer both a U.S. and a non-U.S. designation site.

International nominations must be co-sponsored officially by an appropriate foreign chemical society. If the NHCL Subcommittee receives a nomination it believes merits approval, it will forward the nominating documents to the ACS International Activities Committee, which handles contacts with foreign chemical societies. ACS takes responsibility for obtaining co-sponsorship by a foreign society. If co-sponsorship by a foreign society is obtained, the nomination goes back to the NHCL Subcommittee for review before proceeding to PA&PR for final approval.

A list of International Historic Chemical Landmarks designated by ACS and foreign chemical society partners is available on the Directory of National Historic Chemical Landmarks.

Local Section Historic Chemical Landmarks

ACS local sections may establish their own recognition programs for subjects that are important locally but that do not merit designation by the NHCL program. In such situations, the following recommendations have been provided by PA&PR:

  • Local sections are encouraged to consider whether a subject is most appropriate to nominate for a local or national landmark.
  • In order to avoid public confusion between local and national programs, the title of local section programs should be "(Local Section Name) Historic Chemical Landmark." The full section name and "American Chemical Society" should be written out somewhere on the plaque, announcement, press release or other material. In cases where the name of a local section is non-geographic or is synonymous with another institution (such as a university), alternative titles may be proposed to the NHCL Subcommittee for review, however the materials must retain the full local section name and the words “American Chemical Society.”
  • Local sections are encouraged to coordinate with the NHCL Program Manager when local designations are made.

One such local section program is the New York Section Historic Chemical Landmarks Program.

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