Week 2

Week 2: Jan. 8 – 14 (Archive)

January 8

  • J. A. Veatch discovered borax in mineral water at Tuscan Springs, CA (1856).
  • Born in 1868, Sören P. L. Sörensen was the "father of pH"; researcher on proteins, amino acids, enzymes, and hydrogen-ion concentrations.

January 9

  • Born in 1922, H. Gobind Khorana was the first to synthesize an artificial gene; interpretation of genetic code and protein synthesis function; Nobel Prize in Medicine (1968) with Robert W. Holley and Marshall W. Nirenberg "for their interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis."

January 10

  • Eagle-Picher Industries incorporated (1867).
  • Born in 1877, Frederick G. Cottrell was a researcher in nitrogen fixation, liquefaction of gases, and recovery of helium; invented electrostatic (Cottrell) precipitator for precipitation of particles from gases.
  • On January 10, 1923, ACS published the first issue of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry News Edition. The NewsEdition was published on the 10th and 20th of each month and was included with all the other ACS publications as part of the ACS dues package. On January 10, 1942, the magazine was first published as Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN). At the beginning of 1947, C&EN began weekly publication. A history of the magazine appears in the January 12, 1998, issue of C&EN (the 75th anniversary issue).

January 11

  • Born in 1796, Karl K. Klaus discovered ruthenium (Ru, 44) in 1844; pioneer in platinum chemistry.
  • Born in 1875, Frederick M. Becket was an inventor in electrochemistry and electrometallurgy.

January 12

  • Born in 1716, Antonio de Ulloa discovered platinum (Pt,78) in 1735.
  • Henry L. Smith took first X-ray photograph (1896).
  • Born in 1916, Ruth R. Benerito was a researcher in cotton chemistry; first woman to win the Southern Chemist Award.

January 13

  • Born in 1780, Pierre J. Robiquet discovered asparagine with N-L. Vanquelin; determined codeine content of opium.
  • Born in 1850, Charles F. Mabery was a pioneer in petroleum chemistry and electrolytic aluminun and bromine industries.

January 14

  • Born in 1851, Ludwig Claisen developed reactions such as condensation of esters and rearrangement of allyl vinyl ethers.
  • Born in 1868, Francis D. Dodge was an expert in the chemistry of essentials oils.
  • Armstrong World Industries incorporated as Armstrong Cork Co. (1895).