Week 27

Week 27: July 2 – 8 (Archive)

July 2

  • Albert Ladenberg, born 1842, synthesized coniine, piperidine, pyridine, and other compounds.
  • William H. Bragg, born 1862, researcher in X-rays and crystal structure; Nobel Prize in Physics (1915).
  • Fritz Haber demonstrated process of nitrogen fixation to Badische Aniline und Soda-Fabrik in 1909.

July 3

  • Sergei S. Nametkin, born 1876, researched terpene chemistry and rearrangement of camphenes.
  • Antoine-Jerome Balard announced discovery of bromine (Br, 35) to the Academie de Sciences, Paris, in 1826.
  • Samuel P. Massie, Jr., born 1919, researched cures for diseases; encouraged disadvantaged students into science careers.

July 4

  • Ernst O. Beckmann, born 1853, discovered rearrangement of oximes of ketones into acid amides or anilides (Beckmann molecular transformation); invented apparatus for determination of boiling and freezing point of solutions (1886).

July 5

  • Herbert S. Gasser, born 1888, researched electrophysiology of nerves; Nobel Prize in Medicine (1944).
  • John H. Northrop, born 1891, conducted research on purification of enzymes; discovered fermentation process for acetone; Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1946).
  • American Cyanamid Company organized in 1907.

July 6

July 7

July 8

  • Jason Cardelli reports interstellar abundances of heaviest elements, including thallium and lead, are detected within interstellar gas, in Science magazine in 1994.