Week 30

Week 30: July 23 – 29 (Archive)

July 23

  • Emma P. Carr, born 1880, conducted research on ultraviolet spectra of hydrocarbons; first recipient of American Chemical Society's Francis P. Garvan Medal (1937).
  • Vladimir Prelog, born 1906, researched stereochemistry of organic molecules and reactions; Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1975).

July 24

  • William de W. Abney, born 1843, conducted research in photographic chemistry, color photography, and printing.

July 25

  • Rosalind Franklin, born 1920, conducted research on X-ray crystallography of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).
  • Colgate-Palmolive was incorporated in 1923.

July 26

  • Isaac Babbitt, born 1799, invented an anti-friction metal (Babbitt Metal).

July 27

  • Hans Fischer, born 1881, conducted research on haemin, chlorophyll, porphyrins, and other compounds; Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1930).

July 28

  • James Curtis Booth, born 1810, devised methods for refining gold—silver bullion at the U.S. Mint (Philadelphia, PA).

July 29

  • Heinz L. Fraenkel-Conrat, born 1910, separated viral RNA from protein and showed that RNA was active agent.