Week 43

Week 43: Oct. 22 – 28 (Archive)

October 22

  • George Beadle, born 1903, researcher in chemical genetics; Nobel Prize in Medicine (1958).

October 23

  • Gilbert N. Lewis, born 1875, developed theories of chemical bond and valency; researcher in thermodynamics.
  • Today is Mole Day, 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m. (Mole Times). Mole Moment: 50.453 s after 6:42 p.m.

October 24

  • Nikolai A. Menshutkin, born 1842, researcher on kinetics of nucleophilic substitution reactions of amines and quaternary ammonium ions.
  • Hendrik W. B. Roozeboom, born 1854, researcher on application of phase rule.
  • Roger Clark Wells, born 1877, researcher on sodium compounds and chemical analyses of radioactive minerals; chief chemist of U. S. Geological Survey.

October 25

  • Edgar C. Britton, born 1891, contributed to industrial organic developments.

October 26

  • Trust Agreement creating American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund signed in 1944.

October 27

  • P. E. Marcellin Berthelot, born 1827, founder of thermochemistry; showed nitrogen was fixed by electric discharges and bacteria; synthesized alcohol, formic acid, methane, and acetylene.
  • John E. Lennard-Jones, born 1894, researcher on surface chemistry, chemistry of carbon, liquid structure, and interatomic forces.

October 28

  • Zygmunt F. von Wróblewski, born 1845, first to liquefy air on large scale; liquefied nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon monoxide.
  • Christopher K. Ingold, born 1893, researcher in mechanisms of organic reactions and naming stereoisomers (Cahn-Ingold-Prelog system).
  • Richard L. M. Synge, born 1914, discovered partition chromatography; Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1952).