Week 45

Week 45: Nov. 5 – 11 (Archive)

November 5

  • Paul Sabatier, born 1854, researcher in organic chemistry catalysis; codiscovered process for hydrogenation of oils to solid fats; Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1912).
  • Neil K. Adam, born 1891, researcher on unimolecular surface films; discovered existence of two-dimensional state of matter at water-air boundary.

November 6

  • William A. Noyes, born 1857, first chief chemist of U. S. Bureau of Standards (now National Institute of Standards & Technology); editor of Journal of the American Chemical Society (1902–1917).
  • Ian M. Heilbron, born 1886, synthesized naturally occurring compounds such as vitamins A & D.

November 7

November 8

  • Lawrence E. Glendenin, born 1918; in 1945, codiscoverer of promethium (Pm, 61).
  • Herbert S. Gutowsky, born 1919, researched chemical shifts, spin-spin coupling, and chemical exchange in NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance); led to chemical structure determinations using NMR.

November 9

  • Vladimir N. Ipatiev, born 1867, researcher in catalytic chemistry of unsaturated hydrocarbons.
  • Discovery of cosmic rays announced, Madison, WI, in 1925.
  • Ronald G. W. Norrish, born 1897, researcher in extremely fast chemical reactions; Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1967).
  • Creation of three atoms of element 110 at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany, in 1994.

November 10

  • Andres M. del Rio, born 1764; in 1801, discovered vanadium (V, 23), which he called erythronium.
  • Johnson & Johnson incorporated in 1887.

November 11

  • Glenn T. Seaborg announced discovery of americium (Am, 95) and curium (Cm, 96) on the Quiz Kids radio program in 1945.