Local Section Innovative Project Grant

Grant at a Glance

Recipient Volunteer
Category Events & Activities,  Community Recognition
AmountUp to $3,500
DeadlineJune 30, 2024


Encourages ACS local sections to conceive of and implement innovative projects to strengthen the functioning of the local section. Local sections should draw inspiration from other local sections and should aspire to conceive and implement new unique programs with their own community.

Application Guidelines

The ACS Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC) funds new local section projects through Local Section Innovative Projects Grants (IPGs).

Proposed innovative projects must:

  • Projects should be new to the local section, but can be inspired from other sections or other ideas from other organzations that strengthen the function of the local section
  • Stimulate local section member involvement, and
  • Be pilot projects for a continuing section activity or else take advantage of a unique upcoming opportunity for the local section.

Projects that support interaction with other ACS local sections, ACS divisions, ACS committees, other professional associations, or community groups are especially encouraged, as are programs that foster inclusiveness and participation of diverse section membership or segments of the general public.

The applicant must:

  • Assure that they have identified and selected low-risk activities for their project
  • Recognized and eliminated high-risk activities and demos, and
  • Considered strategic changes to activities and demos to minimize the likelihood of injury and promote a culture of safety, according to the ACS

Please review this short tutorial for an overview of the application system.

Budget Guidelines

  • Maximum Funding Level: $3,500
  • Funding should focus on implementing innovative projects to strengthen the functioning of the local section 
  • Applications should include specific budget information about the event, technology, and/or any materials needed for the proposed event. and/or proposed event
  • Please review the following budget template when creating a budget for your grant proposal.

Specific Budget Guidelines

  • Local Sections are encouraged to keep food expenses under 20% and venue rental cost under 25% of the total amount requested from the Committee on Local Section Activities. 
  • Alcohol may be funded if central to the event i.e. tasting at a brewery. 
  • Memberships to ACS or discount to membership as part of the event is allowed up to 25% of the total budget. In the case of paying for standard or premium ACS memberships, these should be offered to only a select number of potential new members at an event and offering discounts to more potential members at an event and offering discounts to more potential members may be a better use of funds. 
  • Giveaways such as ACS merchandise is permitted by cannot exceed 25% of the total funding request 
  • Honoraria or stipends cannot be funded under this grant neither can pass-through donations  to individuals or other organizations. 

How to Apply

The IPG application form details the requirements, which include:

  • Information and Summary sheet (one page)
  • Full description of the project including objectives, plan of action, line-item budget, and evaluation plan (two pages maximum)

Also required are:

  • Letter or email of support from the current local section chair (or Executive Committee member if the Chair is Project Coordinator)
  • Letters or emails of support from co-sponsoring local sections, divisions, committees, or other community groups, if applicable

FAQs & Recently Funded Projects

Local sections should read through these frequently asked questions, which outline IPG rules and considerations in more detail.

View this list of recently funded IPGs for an overview of the various activities local sections have planned.


Applications deadlines occur twice yearly: January 15 and June 30 by 11:59PM ET.

IPG Timing & Dates

  • Only one proposal per local section per year will be funded, dating from the last submission date.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by LSAC and local sections will be notified of funding before June 1 and October 1.
  • Funds will be distributed by June 15 and October 15.
  • A funded project should be completed within 12 months of the award date.
  • A final report describing how the funds were used and the impact the project had must be submitted to LSAC within three months of completion of the funded project.
    • Applications submitted via Formsite must have their final report submitted by the original applicant
    • All other applications should submit their final reports through the link above
  • Funding will be awarded to a section only if it has submitted its most recent annual report.
  • Funding will be awarded to a section only if it has submitted a final report for any previous IPGs.

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