The Petroleum Research Fund was originally established as a Trust by seven major oil companies in 1944. The American Chemical Society, to whom the assets of the Fund were transferred in 2000, is charged with supporting “advanced scientific education and fundamental research in the petroleum field,” including any area of pure science that may lead to further research directly impacting petroleum. Read more about the history of the Petroleum Research Fund.

Research Areas Supported

Fundamental research is currently supported in chemistry, the earth sciences, chemical and petroleum engineering, and in related fields such as polymers and materials science. Read more about the scientific disciplines supported and not supported by PRF.

Recent Grantees

In 2023, the ACS PRF awarded 190 research grants totaling approximately $19.8 million. See lists of recent grantees:

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about choosing a program, eligibility, the application process, and information for current grantees.