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For active grants, various grant management activities such as budget revisions and time extensions can be requested through Administrative Change Requests in the PRF Grant Management Portal.   

View the Help Guide for using the new grant portal.

*Note: the grant management portal requires you to login with your ACS Member ID. If you do not yet have an ACS ID, you will be prompted to register for free.

Instructions for Annual Grant Reports Due October 1, 2022

Annual financial, personnel, and narrative progress reports are due October 1st for grants that have been active for at least 12 months as of 8/31/2022 under the original term of the grant agreement. For grants that were on time extension for 2021-2022, only the financial and personnel reports are required; the narrative report is optional for time extended years.

Financial Report

The financial form is available in the portal. Navigate to the appropriate Requirement due 10/1/2022.

Personnel Report

The personnel form is available in the portal. Navigate to the appropriate Requirement due 10/1/2022.

Narrative Progress Report or Technical Report

Submit the technical report as a PDF of no more than two pages by navigating to the appropriate Requirement due 10/1/2022. Note that your report will be published as submitted in the PRF Annual Report.

Include the following at the top of page 1:

  1. PRF#
  2. Project Title
  3. P.I. Name and Affiliation (and co-P.I. name and affiliation, if any).

Provide a brief summary of progress made during the reporting period, and also discuss the impact of the research on your career and on the students involved with the project.


All articles, papers, and publications reporting on PRF-supported research must acknowledge ACS PRF in the following manner:  “Acknowledgement is made to the donors of the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund for support (or partial support) of this research.”

Submit citations of published articles on your grant application page in the grantee portal by scrolling down to “Citations” section and clicking [New] button on the Citation section header.   Do not submit the citation until after the article or chapter is published. Note that the requirement to report published articles remains in effect after the grant is closed.  For access to closed grants, please contact

Print Annual Grant Report Instructions [PDF]

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