Petroleum Research Fund 65th Anniversary

PRF Grantee Stories

In celebration of PRF’s 65 years of awarding grants, recipients of PRF Grants were invited to share their PRF stories.

Over 230 grantees including not only recent awardees, but also a grantee who received an award in 1957 and one who received two awards over 50 years apart responded. The stories show how PRF has impacted careers, students and research programs. The stories are provided herein and are unedited except for reduction in length in some cases due to space limitations.

The stories are grouped according to grant type into three groups:

For grantees who have received multiple grants, their story was placed in the category of their most recent grant. Over the years grant nomenclature has changed and grants predating 2009 are grouped under headings according to the nomenclature currently used.

We sincerely thank all those grantees who contributed their stories, and hope that as you read these stories you will share our enthusiasm and gratitude for the contribution that PRF has made to science and the support and development of science careers and students in its 65-year history.

ACS PRF 65th Anniversary logo in blue and white with gold stars