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ACS members can discover a wide range of coverage options to help build an insurance portfolio that helps to protect their life’s most important elements

Life Insurance

Help safeguard your family’s assets with quality life insurance options that are portable.

Health Insurance

Protect your pocketbook from an unexpected injury or health concern at any age.


Our property and casualty insurance coverage helps protect you from the expenses caused by an accident or weather-related incident.

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Explore other plans and services that can make a difference in your life.

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Life changes. Are you ready?

Find out what protection is best for you at any stage of your life.



Now that you’re starting out on your own, you have many new beginnings to discover. Maybe your plans include buying a vehicle or renting a home—both of which require insurance protection. Or have you considered what would happen if you became ill and you’re no longer covered by your parents’ health plan? Life is full of unexpected events, but  insurance can be very helpful in case something happens. We can help you through every step of the process, so you can connect with the insurance products that will provide help when you need it most.

Young Professional

Young Professionals

Welcome to the workforce! Now it’s time to establish your finances, which includes building an insurance portfolio.

What if you suddenly became injured or ill and couldn’t earn an income? Do you carry significant debt, loans, or a mortgage? And if you pass away, would the loved ones you leave behind be able to pay your funeral costs and other final expenses? As unpleasant as it may be for you to consider these upsetting scenarios, coverage can be a blessing for you or those you have a shared financial obligation with. Your membership with ACS provides insurance options to help provide a financial safety net, no matter what life throws your way.



Whether you’re newly married, expecting your first child, or are already a parenting pro, your family is one of the most important facets of your life. You have people who count on you for their financial safety and wellbeing—but what would happen if you could no longer provide for those you love most?

With a robust insurance portfolio in place, your loved ones can still pay for expenses such as the mortgage, tuition, healthcare, loan payments, food, utilities, and so much more. As an ACS member, you have the ability to advance your financial protection to cover the family you’d do anything for.


Pre Retiree/Retiree

Now’s your time! Help make sure you and your spouse can enjoy the life you planned for together by putting an insurance portfolio in place to help protect your finances. From everyday health issues to major calamities and from personal liability to long-term care, your ACS membership can connect you to plans that help you prepare for potential drains on your hard-earned savings—so you can keep living your dreams.

Business Owner

Entrepreneur/Business Owner

You’ve worked hard to build your business presence, and you deserve insurance that works hard too. Life insurance and health products can help protect your business, finances, and loved ones. Secure the hard work you’ve put into your business by connecting to our insurance coverage.