Small Bottle, HUGE Fireball (How Flame Jetting Works)

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Learn more about CuriosityStream at (CODE: reactions) Pouring gasoline, alcohol, or other fuel over a flame can cause a ten-foot fireball to shoot out and engulf an unsuspecting victim. This week on Reactions, we’re explaining the science of flame jetting and why it happens. Also, if you’re a chemistry teacher: the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety issued a safety alert (see link below), which recommends that the Rainbow Demonstration (performed on an open bench using flammable solvents like methanol) be discontinued immediately. This demo presents an unacceptable risk of flash fires and deflagrations that can cause serious injuries to students and teachers. Alternative experiments (see link below) are available that demonstrate the same rainbow colors but don’t use flammable solvents on an open bench.


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