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Shannon Odell

Shannon Odell

Shannon Odell is a Los Angeles-based comedian, science communicator, and neuroscientist. She’s the writer and host of various viral digital series, including Inverse’s Your Brain on Blank and Seeker’s Mindset. Merging science with comedy, Shannon performs science-based stand-up, co-hosts the comedic science podcast The Science of Self-Care, and created the live comedy show meets science lecture series meets drinking game, Drunk Science. Shannon is a science correspondent for The Science Channel and Xploration Station, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, Scientific American, Buzzfeed, and The New Yorker.


Chemical Kim

Chemical Kim is a charismatic motivational science education speaker advocating for science.  Her TikTok Channel, @chemicalkim, featuring chemistry experiments and explainers, has garnered over a million followers and thirteen million likes. Her work includes television and radio, hosting the television series "The Chemical Kim Science Show" on Public Media Network in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and acting as a resident scientist on the ABC affiliate station WZZM 13. Chemical Kim is also a Chemistry Professor at Florida SouthWestern State College, where she works on improvements in chemical education, technology in science education, and inclusion in science education.

Ive League Science

@IvyLeagueScience is Claudia Prindle, a third-year graduate student, and Nicholas Orchanian, PhD, a post-doctoral fellow, both scientists at Columbia's Center for Chemistry with Electric Fields. Their TikTok channel, which uses humor to create accessible and approachable chemistry demonstrations, has attracted over 150K followers and 3.6 million likes.

Andre Isaacs

Andre Isaacs, PhD is an associate professor of chemistry at the College of the Holy Cross, working on copper-catalyzed reactions via click chemistry. His TikTok,  @drdre400, where he performs choreographed dances with students in his chemistry lab and performs hilarious professor-student sketches, has attracted nearly 400K followers and 21 million likes.