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ACS ChemLuminary Award for Sustainability

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The ChemLuminary Award for Outstanding Sustainability Activities is an annual local section award sponsored by the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI). The award recognizes a local section that has introduced a new and outstanding program promoting sustainability at the local level. In keeping with the ACS Strategic Plan, the award recipient will have demonstrated that the program educates people about  the transformative role of chemistry in achieving sustainability. Programs that educate or increase awareness in the public (e.g., students, teachers, general public, local businesses) on the value of chemistry in making products, improving lives, or improving the environment in more sustainable ways will be favored.

How to apply: All local sections are encouraged to self-nominate their sustainability activities for this award via the section’s Annual Report.

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2014 Award Winner - Louisiana Local Section

left to right: CEI Vice Chair Alan Elzerman, 2013 ACS President Marinda Wu and representatives of the Louisiana Local Section


CEI Secretary Anthony Noyce (left) and 2012 ACS President Bassam Shakhashiri (right) award the ACS ChemLuminary Award for Sustainability to Pittsburgh Local Section.


CEI Chair Martin Abraham (left) and 2010 ACS President Joe Francisco (right) award inaugural ACS ChemLuminary Award for Sustainability to Syracuse Local Section.


CEI Chair Laura Pence (left) and 2011 ACS President Nancy Jackson (right) award ACS ChemLuminary Award for Sustainability to Brazosport Local Section.