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Thank you for your interest in the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement.  As Chair, I have the distinct pleasure to welcome you to our website. 

We have developed the following strategic plan for the Committee in order to advance our mission:

Goal 1 – Engage key researchers, industry decision makers, and consumers to incorporate sustainability into their practice and use of chemistry. 

  • Strategy 1: By the Fall 2016 National meeting produce a 3 year strategic plan for CEI National Meeting symposia support and/or development, include specific programming, divisional partners, topics, programming overlap/leverage, pubs, attendance goals, CEI goal attainment.  
  • Strategy 2: By Spring 2017 in cooperation with GCI and other partners, CEI will organize a select invitation workshop to focus on supply-chain integration of the practice and use of sustainable chemistry and an associated report for wide release.    
  • Strategy 3: By Fall 2016, develop a CEI-specific media publications strategy focused committee and ACS member activities to reach researchers, industry, and consumers about advancing sustainable chemistry in practice and use.  
  • Strategy 4: By December 2016, develop a CEI-specific report on industrial activities at ACS and ongoing ACS efforts to identify and meet industry member or potential member interest and suggest a specific sustainability project plan. 

Goal 2 – Equip ACS members and advocates to be influential voices about policies in sustainable chemistry via development of appropriate tools for the relevant audiences. 

  • Strategy 1: Beginning January 2016, do at least 1 “fly-in” per year with at least 3 CEI members visiting 2 congressional offices and 4 federal agencies. 
  • Strategy 2: By the end of 2016, prepare a one-page set of talking points on sustainability and advise on interacting with the press for CEI members. Develop a plan for next steps. 
  • Strategy 3: By 2016 Spring National Meeting, a working group (appointed by the CEI Chair) will provide to CEI a set of 3-5 recommendations for actions to better distribute and increase member by-in of policy statements.

Goal 3 – Engage networks of chemists and citizens to advance sustainability education and communication. 

  • Strategy 1: Schedule new symposia at two regional meetings in 2017 focused on sustainability education and/or communication.
  • Strategy 2: By the Fall 2016 meeting, compile existing support materials for including sustainability in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum.  Work with CPT to make these available to educators.    
  • Strategy 3: By the Spring 2016 meeting, have a draft social media outreach plan in place for review and comment.  Implement plan by the fall National meeting.

I invite you to learn more about CEI by perusing our website.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like any additional information.

Best regards,

Anthony M. Noce
Chair, Joint Board-Council Committee on Environmental Improvement
American Chemical Society

Anthony M. Noce, CEI Chair

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