Committee on Science

The Committee on Science (ComSci) plays a unique role within ACS by facilitating discussion and dissemination of information on global, multidisciplinary topics that cut across the diverse units of ACS. In addition to increasing Society’s understanding on emerging areas of chemical science and education, ComSci advises the Board on policy statements and the national recognition of extraordinary chemistry achievements.

News & Announcements

  • The subcommitte on Science & Technology developed a new series of short video interviews of Nobel Laureates to educate members on unanswered questions in chemistry research and much more.  The first two Nobel Laureates, Martin Chalfie (2008 Laureate, Columbia) and Richard R. Schrock (2005 Laureate, MIT) were interviewed in August at their institutions.  Both clips will be featured on Chemistry Over Coffee following the national meeting.
  • ComSci will host an Emerging Frontiers in Science Symposia:  Young Investigator Awardee Forum in September 2013 during the national meeting in Indianapolis.
  • ComSci led the development of, and voted to favorably recommend to the ACS Board of Directors, a new ACS position statement to strengthen forensic science.  The statement emphasizes more consistent and scientifically valid testing, effective training and certification of forensic experts, quality control systems and standards, and setting research priorities.
  • ComSci's recommendation of a 2013 ACS nomination for the Presidential National Medal of Science was approved by the ACS Board of Directors in April and will be submitted to the White House this on on behalf of the Society.
  • ComSci’s  strategic plan is now available

Strategic Plan for 2016

ACS invites all chemical scientists and engineers to join us in achieving this vision.