As approved by the ACS Board of Directors, November 30, 2018


Improving people's lives through the transforming power of chemistry


Advancing the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people

Core Values

We believe in the power of chemistry and the chemical enterprise to provide solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. We promote the health of the chemical enterprise by supporting investments in education, training, entrepreneurship, research, and innovation.

We provide programs, products, services, and experiences that make ACS indispensable to the success of our members and others in the global chemistry enterprise. Celebrating and recognizing the achievements and contributions of ACS members is crucial to the Society’s member-value proposition.

We support and promote the safe, ethical, responsible, and sustainable practice of chemistry coupled with professional behavior and technical competence. We recognize a responsibility to safeguard the health of the planet through chemical stewardship.

We believe in the strength of diversity in all its forms, because inclusion of and respect for diverse people, experiences, and ideas lead to superior solutions to world challenges and advances chemistry as a global, multidisciplinary science.



Goal 1

Provide Information Solutions

Deliver indispensable chemistry-related information solutions to address global challenges and other issues facing the world’s scientific community.
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  • Interact with us through ACS on Campus, the American Chemical Society’s flagship outreach program, which brings leaders in chemistry, publishing, science communication, and career development to hundreds of educational institutions all over the world.
  • Get noticed and submit a manuscript to ACS Journals or present an abstract for an ACS National or Regional Meeting.
  • Stay up to date and fuel your next discovery with the latest innovative scientific research solutions through CAS.
  • Continue your chemistry education well beyond your time in the classroom through ACS Short Courses, which offers a variety of resources focused on providing continued education opportunities for professional chemists.

Goal 1 Accomplishments


Chemical substances in CAS REGISTRY to date


Journal articles downloaded in 2019


Reactions found in CAS reaction collection


Articles downloaded via ACS Mobile in 2019


Goal 2

Empower Members and
Member Communities

Provide access to opportunities, resources, skills training, and networks to empower our members and member communities to thrive in the global economy.
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  • Join the world’s largest society for chemical professionals and become an ACS Member today. ACS members receive many career enhancing professional benefits, as well as personal benefits and discounts.
  • Get involved, give back, and search for a short-term volunteer opportunity in YOUR community.
  • Attend an ACS National or Regional Meeting. ACS Meetings feature dynamic speakers, interactive expo workshops, and opportunities for chemists, related scientists, and engineers to network, share their latest findings, and celebrate their accomplishments with colleagues in the chemistry enterprise.
  • Not located in the USA? Not a problem. ACS International Activities work to connect scientists around the world in addressing global scientific challenges, to create value for members, and to build collaborative networks around the world through a variety of programs.

Goal 2 Accomplishments


Science Coaches volunteered in classrooms to date


Local Sections hosted hands-on activities during 2019 National Chemistry Week


Participants in the ACS Leadership Development Program in 2019


Participants in the Career Pathways program in 2019


Goal 3

Support Excellence in Education

Foster the development of innovative, relevant, and effective chemistry and chemistry-related education.
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  • Share our award winning resources like in order to promote excellent chemistry curriculum within your local schools.
  • Get involved, give back, and search for a short-term volunteer opportunity in YOUR community.
  • Support underrepresented minority students who want to enter the chemistry and related practices fields through ACS Project SEED and the ACS Scholars Program.

Goal 3 Accomplishments


Teachers participated in 60 professional development sessions held at five science education conferences in 2019


In grants distributed through PRF in 2019


American Association of Chemistry Teacher members in 2019


Economically disadvantaged high school students supported by Project SEED in 2019


Goal 4

Communicate Chemistry's

Communicate — to the public and to policymakers — the vital role of chemical professionals and chemistry in addressing the world’s challenges.
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Goal 4 Accomplishments


ACS Chemistry Ambassadors in 2019


Members participated in Act4Chemistry in 2019


 YouTube subscribers to Reactions Science Videos to date


Unique visitors to the International Year of the Periodic Table site in 2019