Community Outreach

Promote chemistry in your community!

Volunteer individually or with your Local Section. We provide the resources you need to promote chemistry in your community, from gaining media attention to planning school visits.

National Chemistry Week

Annual event that unites Local Sections, businesses, schools, and individuals in communicating to their communities the importance of chemistry in every-day life.

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

An environmental awareness campaign held annually on April 22.

Volunteer with Kids & Chemistry

Collection of activities and advice for presenting chemistry to elementary and middle school-aged children.

Salutes to Excellence

Commemorative program recognizing practitioners, products, or places of importance for achievements in chemistry and for the positive impact of chemistry on every-day life.

Science Coaches

An opportunity for chemists to volunteer with a local elementary, middle or high school science teacher for one school year. 

Get the Microphone

Detailed public relations plans for public service and outreach activities.

Volunteer Recognition

ChemLuminary Awards
The annual awards ceremony honoring ACS volunteers.