Educational Resources

Resources for Chemists Celebrate Earth Day 2016

Student Resources

  • Illustrated Poem Contest
    As part of every CCED celebration, ACS sponsors a contest for students (Grades K-12).
  • Youth Activity Patch Guidelines
    A program to encourage individuals and youth groups to participate in chemistry-related activities.
  • ACS Store
    Purchase promotional products for Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, such as youth patches, pencils, temporary tattoos featuring our "Mole" mascot, stickers, and stress balls.

Educator Resources

  • Celebrating Chemistry (In English) | En Español
    The Celebrating Chemistry publication is designed to engage and educate children (Grades 4-6) in the basic principles of chemistry and is available in both English and Spanish. Enjoy the CCED 2016 online edition, "The Great Indoors - Your Home's Ecosystem".
  • Journal of Chemical Education
    A journal for chemical educators featuring activities and articles. This selection of free articles is specific to the environmental topics of air, earth/soil, recycling, and water.
  • Science Activities for the Classroom
    Hands-on activities for elementary school science (Grades 3-5).
  • ChemMatters
    This article from the current ChemMatters edition covers topics pertaining to quality of indoor air.
  • You Be The Chemist Activity Guides
    These lessons from the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF) focus on water. The activities related to water include Floating Paper Clips, Antigravity Water, Melting Ice with Salt, Drops, Color Clouds, Swimming Specs, Wacky Waxy Watercolors and Capillary Carnations.
  • Meg A. Mole Career Profiles
    Read all about Meg’s adventures! These interviews are an excellent resource for teachers to inform their students about the activities chemists perform everyday.


  • Keeping Cool without Killing the Planet (C&EN)                                           Watch this video to see the pros and cons of new refrigerants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Why Don’t We Recycle Styrofoam? (C&EN) 
    This video explains why Styrofoam is not recycled but glass, paper and plastics are recycled.
  • Chemistry and the Flint Water Crisis (ACS Reactions) 
    Find out why Flint's tap water was not successful and what researchers are doing to make it better.
  • Why Does Metal Rust? (ACS Reactions) 
    Watch this video to find out why metals prefer to rust.
  • Carbon Monoxide (ACS Reactions) 
    This video explains why carbon monoxide is so dangerous, and how you can stay safe.
  • Does Febreze Really Work? (ACS Reactions)                                                    How does Febreze actually work? Does it really remove the smell or does it just mask it?  Watch the video to learn more about Febreze.   
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