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2008 ChemLuminary Award Winners

Committee on Public Relations and Communications

Outstanding Continuing Public Relations Program of a Local Section

Illinois Heartland Local Section

The Illinois Heartland Section was recognized for their continued success and extensive media coverage of multiple events during National Chemistry Week 2007.

Best New Public Relations Program of a Local Section

Kentucky Lake Local Section

The Kentucky Lake Section was recognized for their successful 2007 Science CafÉ on Alternative Fuels.

Women Chemists Committee

Outstanding Outreach to Girls or Young Women

Nashville Local Section

All of the activities and events hosted by the Nashville Local Section WCC focused on encouraging girls and young women in education and careers in the chemical sciences. Their Expanding Your Horizons conference, the only one in Tennessee, makes them leaders in EYH programming for girls in grades 5 to 8 and now, in 2007, for high school girls!

Outstanding Overall Local Section Women Chemists Committee

Michigan State University Local Section

ACS Women in Chemistry (WiC) at Michigan State University provides opportunities for women chemists to interact with one another, and establishes programs which are designed to facilitate both professional and personal growth. In 2007, WiC maintained a strong outreach program, provided opportunities for networking, and increased participation in WiC activities.

Outstanding Single Event in a Local Section Promoting Women in the Chemical Sciences

Indiana Local Section

The Indiana Section marked the national Women Chemists Committee (WCC) anniversary milestone with a networking and recognition brunch at the Indiana Historical Society. Seven women were selected as 'Women in the Lead' to be recognized as scientists and educators who have each demonstrated dedication, scientific excellence, and leadership. Attendees also enjoyed an outstanding presentation by Professor Ann Cutler, University of Indianapolis.

Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs

Outstanding Local Section Career Program Award – Small to Medium Large Size

Detroit Local Section

The Detroit Local Section held an all-day workshop on career development that included participants from the Detroit, Toledo, and Huron Valley tri-sectional areas as well as Canada. The program provided professional speakers, exercises, resume reviews, and interviews.

Outstanding Local Section Career Program Award - Large to Very Large Size

California Local Section

The California Section Career Development Program held Career Assistance in Transition Workshops to support resume development and career redirection for mid-career chemists; and jointly with the Santa Clara Valley Section and the NorCal Section of AIChE, Student Interview Workshops were held at universities to build the interview skills of BS and MS candidates.

Younger Chemists Committee

Outstanding or Creative Local Section Younger Chemists Committee Event

Northeastern Local Section

The Northeastern Section YCC had continued success with their annual career services events, the career symposium and the career fair. The Career Symposium 2007 entitled “The Preparation for Life After Graduate School” had 110 participants register for the event.

Outstanding Local Section Younger Chemists Committee

Delaware Local Section.

In 2007, the Delaware Section YCC re-invigorated itself with a new chair, more volunteers, new ideas, and fresh energy. They organized new events that increased participation and brought renewed purpose and excitement to the section’s younger members.

Outstanding New Local Section Younger Chemists Committee

Greater Houston Local Section Younger Chemists Committee

The Greater Houston Section YCC was revitalized in 2007 and sponsored such events as a networking mixer, a wine making/tasting party, and career coaching all of which attracted many Houston young chemists.

Committee on Divisional Activities

Recognition of Innovation and Outstanding Service to Members of a Division

Division of Chemical Education

Chem Ed sponsored Region Awards that represent a major form of recognition for high school chemistry teachers. They also recognized collaborative programming and cooperation at Regional Meetings.

Division of Chemical Technicians

A recognition dinner for volunteer service was hosted by TECH at the 234th ACS National Meeting where awards were presented for volunteer service, corporate support, and to Technician Affiliate Groups. Also the Division's first Michael Shea Achievement Award was presented to Past ACS President Bill Carroll.

Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

In 2007, I&EC inaugurated the Division Fellows Awards that recognized one chemist and one engineer who made significant contributions in academia, industry, or government. The Fellows were honored with a symposium at a national meeting.

Joint LSAC, DAC and M&E Working Group

Outstanding Collaboration between a Local Section and Division

North Jersey Local Section and the Division of Polymer Chemistry

Leaders of the Polymer Division and North Jersey Local Section joined forces to successfully revitalize a Polymer Topical Group in New Jersey by organizing a community of chemists around a first-rate and well-attended symposium on Green Polymers.

Society Committee on Education

ACS Student Affiliates Chapter Interaction

Richland Local Section

The Richland Section involved the Students Affiliates Chapter at Eastern Oregon University in all the facets of its activities, including the organization of the Undergraduate Programming at NORM '07, supporting travel, and providing networking opportunities for the students.

Outstanding High School Student Program

New York Local Section

The New York section’s high school program benefited over 1000 students and teachers. Major activities included Project SEED, Chemagination, Chemistry Olympiad, High School Chemistry Day, and the 12th annual High School Poster Session.

Outstanding Kids and Chemistry

Delaware Local Section

2007 was an outstanding year for the Delaware section that included a number of activities conducted through partnerships with schools, companies, museums, libraries, and scout troops, reaching a wide range of students in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Committee on Project SEED

Outstanding Project SEED Program

Pittsburgh Local Section

In four years, the Pittsburgh Section has sponsored 18 students and raised over $52,000 in stipends. Three of these students received SEED scholarships. With effective mentoring and guidance, several students have publications in recognized journals.

Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs

The ACS President’s Award for Local Section Government Affairs

Savannah River Local Section

Initiated in 2007, the Savannah River Government Affairs Committee increased their Legislative Action Network members by more than 300 percent. In an innovative move to advocate ACS education policy statements, the section, along with local high school teacher award recipients, made congressional visits to state senators and representatives to connect policy statements with the best and brightest teachers.

Committee on Minority Affairs

The Best Overall Local Section Committee Minority Affairs Committee

Georgia Local Section

Georgia hosted five significant minority outreach events in 2007 that included February Black History Month activities, an annual undergraduate symposium at an HBCU college, renewal of the section’s Minority Affairs Committee (MAC), a local section minority reach-out meeting, and the selection of a Herty Medal awardee who has a minority group heritage for only the second time in the award’s history.

Committee with Disabilities

Chemists with Disabilities Inclusion Award

Central Pennsylvania Local Section

To increase the participation of people with disabilities, Central Pennsylvania expanded their 2006 program to include presentations given by current educators of blind students and give attendees the opportunity to network and try methodologies used to teach scientific concepts.

Joint Subcommittee on Diversity

ChemLuminary Award for Diversity

Richland Local Section

The Richland Section’s Joint WCC and Minority Affairs Committee participated in the Northwest Regional Meeting by creating programs that addressed the interests of women and minorities. This committee also drove outreach activities such as the Girls in Science program and career workshops that focus on small, rural communities and Native American communities.

Committee on Meetings & Expositions

Outstanding Regional Meeting

39th Central Regional Meeting – CERMACS 2007.

827 attendees enjoyed 546 technical presentations, innovative awards symposia, and lively Student Affiliate programming. A multimedia Awards Reception, brewing workshop, Fantastic Four magic shows, lunch with Diane Schmidt, and a celebrations of CAS’ centennial were just a few of the many non technical events culminating with a rousing Oktoberfest in May.

Committee on Community Activities

Outstanding Event for the General Public Using the Yearly Theme

Midland Local Section

The Midland section celebrated the NCW 20th anniversary theme, The Many Faces of Chemistry, at the Sci-Fest which was co-sponsored with the Mid-Michigan Technologists Group and Delta College. Approximately 1500 participants attended the celebration that included hands-on demonstrations, lab shows and a chemical career program.

Outstanding Community Involvement in National Chemistry Week

Illinois Heartland Local Section

The Illinois Heartland section held a National Chemistry Week celebration with over 450 children who explored science while conducting hands-on demonstrations. Children were exposed to the fun of chemistry while learning about specific tools and techniques used by a variety of chemical professions.

Outstanding Event for a Specific Audience

Erie Local Section

The Erie section partnered with the Penn Lakes Girl Scout and Edinboro University of Pennsylvania to develop a series of five activity programs that culminated in the girl scouts receiving the Science Discovery badge. Nearly 60 scouts participated in activities and hands-on demonstration!

Best High School National Chemistry Week Event

Florida Local Section

The Florida section collaborated with high school students and the ACS Student Affiliate chapter at Florida Southern College to host three National Chemistry Week events. High school students participated in hands-on demonstrations and a Careers in Chemistry day!

Best Student Affiliates Event

Puerto Rico Local Section

The section celebrated Festival de Quimica with all of the ACS Student Affiliate Chapters from Puerto Rico. More than five thousand students and members of the general public participated in chemical demonstrations, chemistry contests, hands-on science activities, lecture series, public exhibits and open houses.

Outstanding Industrial Involvement

Delaware Local Section

The Delaware section celebrated National Chemistry Week with a number of activities, culminating in the annual Open House at the Independence School in Newark, Delaware. Volunteers from the industrial community presented several different activities and experiment tables.

Outstanding On-Going National Chemistry Week Event

Kalamazoo Local Section

Kalamazoo celebrated National Chemistry Week with its 21st annual event at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum with an afternoon filled with hands-on science activities. The event brought together over 1000 participants and 120 volunteers to share the importance of chemistry in our lives.

Outstanding Teacher Program

Cincinnati Local Section

Cincinnati celebrated National Chemistry Week with a Science CafÉ event at Miami University Middletown with approximately 80 middle and high school teachers. Local chemists from both the public and private sector presented diverse aspects of science careers and hands-on demonstrations to the teachers to share with their students.

Greatest Community Involvement in Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

Puerto Rico Local Section

The Student Affiliate chapters from Puerto Rico celebrated Earth Day with more than two thousand children and adults who participated in chemistry demonstrations and hands-on activities related to the yearly theme Streaming Chemistry.

Creative and Innovative use of the Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Theme

Virginia Local Section

The Virginia section partnered with the Chemistry Club from the John Tyler Community College and the Virginia Department of Environment Quality to promote ways to take care of the Earth with discussions on water, pollution, and recycling. Over 50 volunteers engaged 500 children and adults to teach the important role chemistry plays in protecting our environment.

Committee on Local Section Activities

Best Activity or Program in a Local Section Stimulating Membership Involvement

Richland Local Section

The three-year planning of the 2007 Northwest Regional Meeting by the Richland Local Section resulted in the formation of the Snake River Local Section. In addition, it stimulated members to serve on the organizing committee and created outreach opportunities to businesses in the Boise area.

Most Innovative New Activity or Program in a Local Section

Rochester Local Section

The Rochester Section took the Adopt-a-School program to a new level. With an ACS Innovative Project Grant and a visit by Past ACS President Katie Hunt, the section began a new Mentoring Program where students from the National institute for the Deaf served as mentors to the young students at the Rochester School for the Deaf talking in sign language on science and future opportunities. Through these initiatives, translators were no longer needed.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section - Small Size Category

Pensacola Local Section

The Pensacola Section ran two Science Saturday chemistry sessions for middle school students to increase chemistry and science education awareness. Section members joined Community Action Councils for local chemical and paper companies to fight a negative perception of chemistry.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section - Medium Small Size Category

Illinois Heartland Section

Sustained excellence describes the Illinois Heartland Section. Their shared interest in community outreach with the Peoria Park District led to two outstanding events: The Earth Day Festival and Harry Potter Return to Hogwarts Year 5 events drew over 2000 participants each.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section - Medium Size Category

Midland Local Section

Partnering with the Dow Museum of Science and the Chippewa Nature Center, and hosting a Science CafÉ, Midland had a huge Earth Day event. For National Chemistry Week, their Sci-Fest event attracted 1500 people that participated in hands-on activities and watched a “Dr. Slime” program. Outreach programs in 2007 included the expansion of the Project Science Literacy program, teacher travel grants, and conducting real life chemical analysis in the Saginaw Bay Watershed Project.

Outstanding Performance Award by a Local Section - Medium Large Size Category

Detroit Local Section

The Detroit Section had phenomenal activities in 2007 that included producing pamphlets for recycling old batteries and disposal of medicines; community outreach events sponsored by the Kids & Chemistry program; and hosting a career fair for displaced chemists.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section - Large Size Category

Delaware Local Section

Although ambitious, the Delaware Section successfully conducted (7) theme-based programming events on “conservation sciences”; organized (4) unique activities to engage federal and state legislators; and adopted a multi-pronged approach by sponsoring programs and events to target different constituencies within the Section to engage and activate members.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section - Very Large Size Category

New York Local Section

The New York Section was instrumental in getting outstanding media coverage on their National Chemistry Week: The Many Faces of Chemistry Celebration which drew more than 1300 attendees, and the section’s two science cafes that drew nearly 100 non ACS members each.