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The “Festival de Química” or Chemistry Festival, is a community event that unites efforts of hundreds of volunteers whom through simple interactive demos (hands-on activities), emphasize the importance of chemistry in our everyday life. This activity is designed for the public in general, especially children, to educate about chemical concepts, while communicates the value and impact of chemistry in daily lives.

In Puerto Rico, where everything started in 2005, these events have joined the efforts of many volunteers from the ACS student chapters, public and private institutions, “Sociedad de Estudiantes Graduados de la UPR-RP, PR - Young Chemist Committee and the Women Committee, Science on Wheels and ChemClubs of different schools. The Festival is certainly an event where the Puerto Rican volunteers wear their commitment and passion for demonstrating the value of chemistry in our lives and that is already exported to other Nations.

For many years, Puerto Rico has been an amazing host to this incredible volunteer effort. In 2013, a remarkable record was reported; with the addition of festivals in Colombia, Chile and the two festivals held in Puerto Rico (CCED in April and NCW in October), it is estimated that more than 775 volunteers managed to impact 14,750 members of the community during 2013 alone.

The Festival de Química concept has grown into an ACS-packaged training and demonstration module for local chemistry communities all over the world. By engaging, training, and recognizing ACS members and local chemists as festival volunteers and Chemistry Ambassadors, ACS empowers organizers to continue doing outreach activities in their own communities. Since 2010, the Festival de Química has grown tremendously and there have been 20 festivals with nearly 2,400 volunteers trained and 29,000 attendees. 


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On Saturday, July 2, 2016, the American Chemical Society, in partnership with the Chinese Chemical Society, will hold the Festival outreach event in Dalian, China. For more information, visit the Festival website.

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2014 ChemLuminary Award Winner for Outstanding Community Involvement in Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

The Puerto Rico Local Section celebrated CCED 2013 with its Festival de Química. Joined with Student Chapters and Chem Clubs, more than 200 volunteers collaborated to impact over 2,000 people with hands-on activities, lecture series, and public exhibits.

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From left to right: George Heard, Dr. Ingrid Montes, Dr. Marinda Wu, Juan C. Aponte-Santini, Josué Rivera, Dr. Nestor Carballeira.
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by Ingrid Montes
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