ACS Festival Training Institute

The Festival Training Institute (FTI) is an intensive, two-to three-day regional event where attendees can learn everything they need to execute a successful Chemistry Festival.

An experienced science outreach volunteer acts as an FTI Host, and nearby ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters or allied chemical societies are invited to send two delegates to the FTI.

The FTI delegates attend a Chemistry Festival planned by the local host, and after their training present their plans for their own independent Chemistry Festivals to their peers.

In addition to planning the Chemistry Festival, the FTI Host also presents their unique and specific experiences doing science outreach within their home region. Two ACS FTI Instructors present more general material drawn from the various offices and strengths of the ACS.

Each FTI Host attends the training preceeding theirs. This prepares each FTI Host to successfully organize their local event.

Current FTI Instructors are Dr. Ingrid Montes, founder of the Chemistry Festival, and Dr. Lily Raines, Manager of the Office of Science Outreach. FTI Material was developed in collaboration with the ACS Office of Public Affairs, Office of Education, Global Strategy & Market Development, and International Activities.

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FTI Program Impact
  • 94% of FTI Alumni said they were very satisfied with their training
  • 100% of FTI Alumni said the FTI prepared them to host a Festival
  • 77% of FTI Alumni would host their own FTI

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Alumni of the very first Festival Training Institute won the 2017 Global Engagement Award for International Chemical Sciences Chapters for their inaugural Chemistry Festival. Jeanette Mar and Zhang Ling accepted the award for the JingJinJi International Chemical Sciences Chapter during the 19th Annual ChemLuminary Awards. Congratulations!

Previous Festival Training Institutes

FTI 5 - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Pictured from left to right are:Emad Yousif Al-Sarraj (Iraq), Charles de Koning (South Africa), Atim Johnson (Nigeria), Jamal Al-Otaibi (Saudi Arabia), Fadwa Odeh (Jordan), Margaret Grow-Sadler, Joshua Obaleye (Nigeria), Michael McGinnis, Ingrid Montes, Willem van Otterlo (South Africa), Taghreed Hashim Al-Noor (Iraq), Imad Rashid Hamadneh (Jordan), Yehya El-Sayed (UAE), and Lily Raines
Photo Credit: Lily Raines

The fifth FTI was hosted by Dr. Yehya El Sayed, from the ACS United Arab Emirates nternational Chemical Sciences Chapter (ICSC), in Sharjah, UAE from April 17 - 19, 2018.

Delegates from the ACS Iraq, ACS Jordan, ACS Nigeria, ACS Saudi Arabia, and ACS South Africa ICSCs ended their training by participating in a Chemistry Festival held as part of the annual American University of Sharjah Environmental Day celebrations.

Each delegation applied for and was awarded funds to support Chemistry Festivals in 2018.  

FTI 4 - Szeged, Hungary

The fourth FTI was hosted by Dr. Csaba Janáky, chair of the ACS Hungary International Chemical Sciences Chapter (ICSC) in Szeged, Hungary from September 27 - 29, 2017.

Delegates from the ACS Romania ICSC, Turkish Chemical Society, Czech Chemical Society, and Serbian Chemical Society completed this training, and attended a Chemistry Festival held nearby in conjunction with European Researchers' Night.

Chemistry Festival participants in Hungary.
From back left to right are: Mehmet Mahramanlioglu (Turkey), Csaba Janáky, Kateřina Trčková (Czech Republic), Lily Raines, Otilia Cinteza (ACS Romania), Berat Ceylan (Turkey), Marilena Cimpoesu (ACS Romania), Martin Mucha (Czech Republic), Yehya Elsayed (UAE), and Mr. Vuk Filipović (Serbia).
Photo credit: Lily Raines

FTI 3 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Dr. Mah Siau Hui, of Taylor's University, represented the ACS Malaysia Chapter in hosting FTI 3. Participants were invited from the ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters of Australia, India, Thailand, and South Korea. All delegates participated in a Chemistry Festival on February 27, 2017.

FTI 2 - Panama City, Panama

The second FTI was hosted by Dr. Rafael Vásquez in Panama City, Panama from November 21-23, 2016.

Delegations from Mexico, ACS Peru, ACS Brazil, Chile, and Colombia participated in this FTI. While Hurricane Otto prevented FTI Delegates from attending the Chemistry Festival planned by Dr. Vásquez, the Festival was postponed and was very successful

Festival de Quimica Panama 2016 logo

FTI 1 - Dalian, China

The inaugural FTI was hosted by Dr. Luoheng Qin, Secretary of the ACS Shanghai International Chemical Sciences Chapter and host of two previous Chemistry Festivals. The event was held in Dalian, China immediately following the annual meeting of the Chinese Chemical Society.

Delegates were nominated by the ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and by the ACS Candidate Chapters of Greater Beijing (Jin-Jin-Ji) and Southwestern China. Over the training each delegation prepared proposals for Chemistry Festivals to be held in their home territories by the end of 2016.

Courses were taught by Dr. Luoheng Qin, Director-at-Large and Festival Founder Dr. Ingrid Montes, Dr. Lily Raines, and Ms. Patricia Kostiuk.

Chemistry Festival participants in China.
Mr. Haocheng Zhang (seated left, of ACS Candidate Chapter Southwestern China) and Ms. Yan Zhou and Ms. Jeanette Mar (seated right, of ACS Candidate Chapter Greater Beijing) listen to Dr. Mai Yan Yuen (left) and Dr. Pui Ling Tong (center) practice explaining a Chemistry Festival Experiment as one would for six-year old children. Secretary of the ACS Shanghai Chapter and previous Chemisty Festival host Dr. Luoheng Qin (center) supervises.
Photo credit: Lily Raines