Explore a wide variety of special interest groups and discover your niche! 
Find a community of like-minded professionals and collaborate and network
on a local and global stage. 

Technical Divisions

Collaborate with scientists in your field of chemistry and stay current in your area of specialization.

Local Sections

Connect with professionals in your geographic area to network, grow professionally and advocate for chemistry.

Access the latest research and educational opportunities for professionals working in the chemical industry.

Learn about ACS programs and activities for scientists outside of the US and network locally and globally.


Advocate for chemistry and high-priority legislative issues that are important to the chemical enterprise.


Participate in a high school club to extend your chemistry experience beyond the classroom and into your everyday life and beyond.

Green Chemistry Roundtables

Participate in industry roundtables of more than 40 global companies to promote the implementation of sustainable and green chemistry.

International Chapters

Connect with chemists in your geographic area and help advance chemistry around the world.

Chemistry Ambassadors

Take part in community activities to help educate the public about the importance of chemistry.


Rely on the American Association of Chemistry Teachers to get the support you need as a chemistry educator to enhance the classroom experience for your students.  

Student Chapters

Engage with other chemistry students at your college to enhance your academic experience and prepare for a successful career.

Younger Chemists

Network with early-career chemists and professionals to share resources and collaborate on ideas and opportunities to advance your career. 

Senior Chemists

Share your wisdom and experience by mentoring a young chemist, inspiring a student, or advocating for chemistry.

Women Chemists

Promote and support the advancement of women in the chemical sciences to positively impact society and the profession.

Women Chemists of Color

Advocate and support the advancement of Women Chemists of Color and participate in networking and professional development opportunities.

Chemists with Disabilities

Support and promote educational and professional opportunities for persons with disabilities in the chemical sciences.

Minority Chemists

Support and promote the advancement of minority chemistry professionals and recognize their professional accomplishments.

LGBTQ + Alliances

Promote and support the inclusion and recognition of people of all orientations and genders.