ACS Member-Get-A-Member Challenge

All ACS members are encouraged to participate in the 2016 Member-Get-a-Member (MGM) Challenge.

Gift for all successful recruiters

All nominators will receive a 2016 Periodic Table of the Elements Blanket for each nominee who becomes a member and pays in full.  

Grand Prizes

The top three ACS members who recruit the most new paid members by November 11th will be rewarded with a $500 gift card. Nominee’s dues must be received by November 11, 2016 to be eligible. The winners will be announced on November 18th.

How to successfully recruit ACS members:

  1. Visit the MGM log in page
  2. Login using your ACS Web ID and password
  3. Type in the name and email address of your nominee(s)
  4. Click “Send Invite”

After the MGM evite has been sent ...
Within your Nominee’s e-invite they will be asked to click on a link that will take them directly to an online application.

If you prefer, there are PDF applications below for you to print out and use instead.

And one of the MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS in recruiting a new member is ... a Member-Get-A-Member application must be used!  It is the only way the nominator and nominee names are linked together and appear on a blanket ship list and entered into the contest.  Please, do not use the "Join ACS" button above.

Not applying online? Please download one of the MGM applications below.  

Current member/Nominator - please fill in your information on the left side of the paper application and add your signature to the back where indicated prior to giving to your Nominee.

Mail, fax, or email your completed form to:

American Chemical Society
Member Services
PO Box 82229
Columbus, OH 43202-0229

Fax: 614-447-3891



Q. Will I receive my blanket even after the November 11th deadline?

A. Yes.  2016 blankets will continue to ship even after the November 11th challenge deadline to nominators who’s nominees pay by December 31, 2016.

Q. Who is each nominator competing against during the fall MGM Challenge?

A. You are competing against current ACS members from around the world.

Q. How do I submit my paper application?

A. Fill it out, scan it and email it back to

Q.  My Nominee used the MGM Challenge evite I sent but I haven't gotten a blanket. Why is that?

A.  There are various reasons:

  1. The nominee did not join ACS through the correct online web link. He/she must click on the link they received via their evite you sent them.
  2. Blanket ship lists are pulled the first Friday of each new month and leave the warehouse the following week. Blankets are only shipped once a month.  
  3. Your address may not be accurate. Please double check to make sure you can receive your blanket on the first delivery attempt.  
Reasons to Join ACS

Gain personal access to world-renowned journals and resources for research at its best.

Access to Industry Information

ACS Publications consists of 50 Journals, 1400 eBooks and 90+ years of trusted chemical science news from the Chemical & Engineering News Archives – a total of more than one million articles and book chapters. Your ACS membership entitles you to 25 FREE articles or chapters every year! You can even read your articles and journal subscriptions on-the-go with ACS2Go – a mobile platform of the Society’s portfolio of 50 preeminent peer-reviewed research journals.

Discounted Research Publishing

ACS members get 50% off open access license options from the ACS AuthorChoice program, which gives your articles more visibility and notoriety.

Member Rates for Conferences

Attend the bi-annual national meetings along with dozens of regional and local meetings, symposia, workshops and webinars at a discounted member rate.

Free ACS Webinars

ACS members get access to the full archive of ACS Webinars. Live every Thursday at 2pm ET, these presentations and discussions connect you with subject matter experts and global thought leaders in the world of chemistry.

Local Sections for Networking

Meet area professionals involved in the chemical sciences, participate in outreach events, and volunteer for community service.

Complimentary Career Services and Consulting

Learn how to craft the best résumé, improve your interview skills, locate internships and grant opportunities, and facilitate your job search with ACS Career Navigator and ACS Career Consultants.

Leadership Opportunities

The ACS Leadership System offers a complete track to help you develop and hone your leadership skills.

The Blanket
  • The blanket is unique to the MGM campaign and is not available for purchase
  • Made in the U.S.A. of 100% Cotton
  • Size: 50” x 60”
  • Care: Machine wash, gentle cycle, for best results. Use only
    non-chlorine bleach.
  • Drying: It is best to hang dry or use the lightest heat temperature in the dryer.
  • Sorry, no substitution of gifts.



American Chemical Society
Member Services
PO Box 82229
Columbus, OH 43202-0229

Fax: +614-447-3891

Phone (within U.S.): 800-333-9511

Phone (outside U.S.): +614-447-3776