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Share your experiences, inspire a student, advocate for chemistry!
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The Senior Chemists Committee (SCC) encourages engagement and collaboration across the Society with ACS groups and within the community. SCC’s objectives are to improve communication among senior chemists, increase the number of senior chemists’ groups and the level of their engagement within local sections, and encourage the involvement of senior chemists in programs focused on K-12 education, undergraduate networking, and mentoring. The committee established a new strategic plan in August 2018. If you have questions, or would like to get involved with the committee’s activities, please send an email to

SCC Vision

Improving lives using the knowledge and experience of senior chemists.

SCC Mission Statement

Address community needs and ambitions by utilizing senior chemists’ knowledge and experience.

Benefits of Participating in a Local Section Senior Chemists Group

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Socialize with Peers

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Stay Active after Retirement

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Advocate for Chemistry through Community Outreach

Let’s Stay Connected – SCC Zoom Guide

Senior Chemists Committee members have enjoyed using Zoom to stay connected. The Zoom guides are designed for novices and avoid the use of computer jargon. The illustrations are screenshots at the time the guide was written and may change as Zoom is updated. Please send us a note at with suggestions for additional guides that you think would be of help.

How to Zoom with the ACS Senior Chemists Committee (pdf)

How to Host a Zoom Meeting (pdf)

Do You Have a Senior Chemists Committee in Your Local Section?

The purpose of a Senior Chemists Committee is to focus on creating opportunities, representing the needs of, and offering programming and services for senior chemists in a particular geographical area. In addition, senior chemists are in a unique position to share a lifetime of experiences with students, young chemists, and the public. 

Start a Senior Chemists Committee (pdf)

Local Section Senior Chemists Committee Presentation (pdf)



You Can Make a Difference!

Share a lifetime of experiences and help the next generation of chemists.

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Lend your expertise as a coach, and help a teacher advance science education.

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Organize or participate in events in your community to promote the value of chemistry in everyday life.

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Help an emerging chemist with job hunting strategies.

ACS Virtual EXPO at the Fall 2020 National Meeting

The Senior Chemists Committee participated in the virtual exposition. Watch the video:

Vimeo ID: 443086247

Stay Up to Date


Stay up to date on volunteer activities by senior chemists, such as working in schools, leading science events for the community, judging science fairs, mentoring, and more.

Newsletter for Senior Chemists

Network Group

Engage in conversations, ask questions, and post announcements of upcoming events from your local sections.

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