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The ACS Committee on Senior Chemists encourages engagement and collaboration across the Society with ACS groups and within the community. The Committee's objectives are to:

  • Improve communication among senior chemists
  • Increase the number of senior chemists’ groups and the level of their engagement within local sections
  • Encourage the involvement of senior chemists in programs focused on K-12 education, undergraduate networking, and mentoring

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Under the ACS Scholars Program, African American, Hispanic/Latino and American Indian students enrolled in chemical science programs are eligible to compete to receive up to $5,000 per year in renewable college scholarships. 

Of the more than 3,500 men and women who have participated since the program’s inception in 1994, many are now established in important roles in industry, academia, and government. 

Former ACS Scholars, including Chyree Batton, a chemist at SC Johnson; Bart Bartlett, a chemistry professor at the University of Michigan; and Corina McClure, an analytical chemist at the Food & Drug Administration were recently featured in Chemical & Engineering News. 

To support tomorrow’s chemistry leaders, please go to The site provides instructions for how to donate by credit card or mail. For information on how to contribute via an individual retirement account (IRA) or estate plan, please visit or contact Mary Bet Dobson at

Local Section Senior Chemists Committees

Senior Chemists Committees can be created in any ACS Local Section with a focus on creating opportunities, representing the needs of, and offering programming and services for senior chemists in a particular geographical area. In addition, senior chemists are in a unique position to share a lifetime of experiences with students, young chemists, and the public. 

Benefits of Participating

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Socialize With Peers

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Stay Active After Retirement

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Advocate for Chemistry Through Community Outreach

You can make a difference!

There are many ways to get involved through your local section or local community. Share a lifetime of experiences and help the next generation of chemists.

Science Coaches

Lend your expertise as a coach and help a teacher advance science education.

National Chemistry Week

Organize or participate in events in your community to promote the value of chemistry in everyday life.

ACS Career Consultants

Help an emerging chemist with career advice.

The Post-COVID Chemistry Economy & DEIR Program Updates

The chemical enterprise is experiencing many impacts as a result of the COVID pandemic. What will be the economic impacts and how will you be affected?

Watch as past ACS President Bill Carroll of Carroll Applied Science delivers a chemistry and the economy update as well an update from Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay, Vice President of the ACS Office of DEIR, as she discusses the progress the Society has made with the diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect efforts. In addition, ACS SCC member Isiah Warner will provide an update on SCC activities to advance DEIR and Trinity Horton Hale of Celanese will briefly discuss the personal impact of the ACS Scholars Program has had on her career.

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How to Embrace the New Norm and What that May Look Like   

COVID has introduced new ways of living and working, and many of those changes will remain in the “New Norm.” Are you ready for the post-COVID world?

Watch as ACS CEO Tom Connelly and ACS Director of Meeting Operations Robin Preston, as well as Frankie Wood-Black, Instructor of Northern Oklahoma College and Principle of Sophic Pursuits, Inc. provide insight on what ACS and society at large will look like as we move forward during these uncertain times in this webinar recording. Discover how COVID-19 will change and perhaps improve the ways we communicate, learn, and meet beyond the end of the pandemic.

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Let's stay connected.

SCC Zoom Guides

Senior Chemists Committee members have enjoyed using Zoom to stay connected. These Zoom guides are designed for novices and avoid the use of computer jargon. The illustrations are screenshots taken when the guide was written and may change as Zoom is updated. Please send us a note at with suggestions for additional guides that you think would be helpful.

Senior Chemists on the Move

Join Senior Chemists on the Move, the senior chemists group on the ACS Network. Engage in conversations, ask questions and post announcements of upcoming events from your local sections.


Stay up to date on volunteer activities by senior chemists, such as working in schools, leading science events for the community, judging science fairs, mentoring, and more. Browse our newsletter archive.


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ACS Virtual Expo at the Fall 2020 National Meeting

The Senior Chemists Committee participated in the virtual exposition. Watch the video:

Vimeo ID: 443086247