Member Benefits

Career Development & Networking

Access tools and resources to help you begin or advance your career.  

  • C&EN jobs database - A job board for chemists by chemists. You'll find the latest chemistry jobs from top employers from around the world.
  • Career Consulting - Free personal résumé prep, mock interviews, and more
  • ACS Salary CalculatorTM - ACS proprietary salary information from thousands of chemists.
  • Career Pathways - Discounts on tools and workshops
  • Professional Education courses - Discounts on courses
  • Special Dues for unemployed members - Waivers and discounts for eligible members.
  • ACS Network - Connect online with other chemists through the ACS Network. 
  • ACS Webinars Archive  - Archived presentations on professional development, the latest research and more.
  • LinkedIn Learning
    To help with the unusual challenges from COVID-19, ACS was happy to offer our members complimentary access to LinkedIn Learning in 2020. Although this special program ended 12/31/20, ACS is evaluating the interest level and usage of LinkedIn Learning, as well as additional options to support members’ professional and career development. 

Member Groups & Communities

Membership gives you access to chemistry professionals in your field and in your geographic location. Learn more about:

  • Local Sections - Meet and collaborate with scientists in your local area. Access to your local section is free.
  • Technical Divisions - Network through one or more of the 32 chemistry field groups. As a first-time member of ACS, you are eligible to join up to three Technical Divisions and receive a free one-year membership into each one.
  • Student Chapters - Undergraduate students can enhance their college experience and get better prepared for a career in chemistry.
  • International Chapters - If you live outside of the U.S., join an international chapter to connect with chemists in your geographic area.



Protect every stage of your life with insurance plans through ACS Member Insurance.

  • Life Insurance
  • MetLife Auto & Home®
  • Health Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Property/Casualty
  • New member? Find out how you can get $25,000 of basic Group Term Life coverage—at no cost to you!


ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication

The new ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication covers all instructions from previous editions of the ACS Style Guide – completely updated and modernized and is available to all ACS Members at the special rate of $65.00 a year.   If you are not a current member, you may purchase the ACS Guide when submitting your application for membership.   Current members may include the ACS Guide at the time of renewal or by contacting Member Services at or by phone 800-333-9511 (US)/614-447-3776 (outside US).

Conferences & Events

Significant discounts on registration for most ACS-sponsored meetings.

  • ACS Meetings & Events - These meetings provide excellent opportunities for sharing your passion for chemistry, connecting with the world’s largest scientific society, and advancing your career in this ever-changing global economy. As a member you can save up to 40% on registration.
  • ACS Regional Meetings - Significant member discounts on registration.  These meetings feature excellent technical programs on a variety of topics, poster sessions, expositions, and social events  over the course of a three to four day period.
  • Green Chemistry Conferences - A diverse network of over 500 academic, industrial and government stakeholders to network and learn about the newest ideas in sustainable approaches to chemistry.  
  • Other ACS Affiliated Meetings


C&EN Magazine and 
Discounts on Research and Journals

  • Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) - ACS’s chemical news magazine, delivered weekly in print or digitally.
  • ACS Publications - 50 free articles per year from the most trusted and cited collection of scientific publications in the world. 
  • SciFinder® - 25 free activities through the CAS® (Chemical Abstracts Service). To access this benefit, please contact Member Services.
  • Special member-only subscription rates for the Journal of Chemical Education and the Journal of Natural Products that also include an archive e-subscription.*
  • ACS Books Discount - 30% - 40% discounts on print books
  • Publish open access in any ACS journal with member only discounts
  • ACS Publications’ Authoring Services has helped thousands of authors prepare their manuscripts with English language editing, translation, figure services, and more. Our suite of Authoring Services is designed to help improve and polish your manuscripts to boost the likelihood of publication.

*E-Subscriptions are available to emeritus, retired, and unemployed members at a uniform price of USD $125 per year for ACS Journal and Archive E-subscription titles*. Qualified members have access to 250 articles per journal, per subscription term, and may subscribe to a total of five (5) E-Subscriptions.

Discounts on Personal Services

Your ACS membership also comes with access to discounts on a variety of elite personal programs and services.

  • Guided, worldwide travel adventures
  • Auto rentals and hotel discounts
  • Office and technology products
  • Shipping (FedEx)

Membership Dues



Perfect for people with a degree, certification, or significant work history in chemical or related sciences, or with certification as a teacher of a chemical science.



For people whose occupation directly concerns the practice of a chemical science, but are ineligible to become Regular Members of ACS. 



For full-time graduate students majoring in a chemical science or a related academic discipline.



For those actively working toward an undergraduate degree in chemistry or in a related academic discipline. 

$29 without C&EN
$65 with C&EN subscription

Do You Qualify for Additional Discounts?

A student or have a disability? We are here to help. Learn more about special dues and categories.


Common Questions

  • I recently joined, what comes next?

    Membership becomes active when paid in full and benefits are accessible at the same time.  If you joined online you will receive email confirmation immediately.   If you joined via paper application or at a meeting/event, you will receive an email within days of the membership activation with your member number and links to get you started.

  • How do I pay an invoice?

    Some invoices are available to pay online while others are not.  If you have a membership renewal notice and it has not had any updates or changes, you can usually pay it online at  If the invoice is new, adjusted or you prefer to pay via phone, you can pay any invoice by phone at 800-333-9511 or 614-447-3776.

  • My login doesn’t allow my membership discounts or benefits.

    There are several factors that could affect membership status that include payment status, membership start /expire or multiple records. Please contact Member Services to investigate the specifics of the account. 

  • I used to be a member but can’t recall my account number.

    Use our online lookup tool to find your ACS member number. 

  • I’ve received an application via mail or email but I’m already a member.

    We try to match and purge current members from receiving acquisition campaigns but if the mailing or email address is not an exact match, our systems will not identify the record as a member.  Please let us know by forwarding the email to us at and include your member number.  

  • I received a renewal notice but the renewal site indicates it’s already paid.

    Our renewal site will only process renewal notices that have not been updated in any way.  If we’ve updated your invoice from one member category to another for example,  the site will inaccurately show as paid for that year but will not be able to display a receipt.   Please contact us by email, phone, or chat and we can process your renewal payment.  

I have specific questions that are not addressed here. Who can help me?
For further questions, email