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2021 MGM Periodic Table of the Elements Blanket

Follow the 3 easy steps below to get your FREE blanket!

All 118 elements laid out over a 50" x 60"  blanket. Shades of soft aqua, grey, green, and light blues on a background of cream.

How do I get a Periodic Table of the Elements Blanket?

Recruit a new Member!

To be eligible for a 2021 Periodic Table of the Elements blanket, you must  be a current member and recruit a new paid member using the Member-Get-A-Member application process! 

You may email a MGM evite to your Nominee or download a MGM pdf application when recruiting. The MGM application is what  links you, the Nominator, to your Nominee.

Please read through the steps below, then choose one of the  buttons to the right to begin the MGM nominating process.  If you have any questions check out the Q&A tab, we may have your answer.

MGM Nominator Chemist at laptop sending MGM evite flying to Nominee across the desk

1Nominate a Candidate

  • Step 1: Nominate

    Online application:  Using the MGM evite button, you will be asked to log in with your ACS Web ID,  click on "Invite someone to join ACS", fill in your Nominee’s info, add a personal message below your name if you would like, and send. Your Nominee's MGM evite is on its way! 1

    Paper application:  Download and print out the  MGM application. Please make sure you fill out your Nominator information on the left side of the form and sign on the bottom of side two before giving to your Nominee.  Once your Nominee has completed the application, either of you may submit the application to our Member Services Office.

    1 There can be up to a 1-hour delay in your MGM evite arriving in your Nominee’s email box. Once your MGM evite has been received by your Nominee, you will receive a confirmation message from ACS.  
    If your Nominee takes no action with the original evite, ACS will send two additional reminders, over the next 10 days, encouraging your Nominee to join ACS.  After 10 days the MGM evite will expire and you may resend to the same email address.

MGM Nominee on laptop opening MGM evite and Joining ACS online

2Nominee fills out application

  • Step 2: Nominee Joins

    PLEASE NOTE:   The MGM Evite, the Nominee receives, has been updated with Email Consent and Privacy text just above your invitation to your Nominee.  Your Nominee will need to choose if they want to receive MGM  email messages or not. *

    Your Nominee must click the 'Yes, let's keep in touch' button before they click on the Join ACS button. By doing this, they are giving us their consent to email them. Afterwards, they can proceed to the online MGM application by clicking the “Join ACS” button.

    After the Nominee submits their online application, ACS will send a Welcome to ACS confirmation email.

    Nominators will also receive an email that their Nominee has joined and a gift will be mailed shortly.  

    When a MGM paper application is submitted only the Nominee will receive a confirmation email from ACS.

    *Please go to the Q&A tab, read through the question "The MGM evite has not arrived in the Nominee's email box" for more information about email consent. 

Nominator Chemist receiving the ACS MGM PTE blanket in a laboratory

3Nominator receives a gift!

  • Step 3: Gift Ships

    Blanket shipments leave the warehouse the first Friday of a new month.  Nominators that have provided an email address will receive a message from the warehouse that a package is on its way.  You will be given a tracking number so you may watch for your delivery.

The next blanket shipping list will be pulled March 26th

*Those expecting a gift will receive an email asking you to provide
the address of where you wish to receive your gift. 

If ACS does not hear back from you, your gift will be held until the following month
where you will be asked again to provide an address. 

*The request to provide an address is due to COVID-19 where members may be working from home or other remote locations
other than what is recorded on your membership record.

Important to Know!

It is important to use a MGM application, whether it is paper or through the online MGM process.  The MGM application links Nominators to their Nominee's.

If your Nominee interrupts their online application process, and visits other web pages, the MGM link between the Nominator and Nominee is gone!  The two are no longer linked together through MGM and the Nominator will not receive a blanket.

The above JOIN ACS button, in the top right corner, is not connected to the Member-Get-A-Member Campaign.  Please do not use it for this purpose.

If your Nominee joins the Society through another campaign or offer it cannot be applied or changed to MGM.  This includes joining/registering for meetings through one process; joining at an event offering a discount.

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

  • Q.  How do I care for my blanket?

    A.  It is recommended that you have the blanket dry cleaned.  You could possibly wash it in cold water with non-chlorine detergent, and hang to dry.

  • Q.  The MGM evite has not arrived in the Nominee's email box.

    A.  Please have the Nominee check their SPAM, JUNK, and QUARANTINE email boxes.  Firewalls and security may be blocking what is not deemed appropriate to them.  If the MGM evite does not appear in any of those email boxes please write to


    To comply with GDPR and other regulations, ACS will attempt to receive consent from all non-member constituents before sending them emails. In other words, before we can email your Nominee about ACS programs, products, and services – including MGM – they must consent to receive these emails from us. During this process, if your Nominee does not provide their consent, they will be unsubscribed from our emails.

    2.  The MGM Evite has also been updated with Email Consent and Privacy text just above your invitation to your Nominee.  Your Nominee will need to choose if they want to receive MGM  email messages or not. 

    Your Nominee must click the 'Yes, let's keep in touch' button before they click on the Join ACS button. By doing this, they are giving us their consent to email them. Afterwards, they can proceed to the online MGM application by clicking the “Join ACS” button.

    If the Nominee clicks the 'No, opt me out' button, they will be opted out of all ACS emails and cannot proceed with the MGM application process. Nor will they receive any further MGM email messaging.

    Current Members and MGM Nominees can contact Member Services at to request opt-in privileges be reinstated in order to receive MGM emails. 
    Current members can update other ACS email preferences (except for MGM) at  

  • Q.   Are MGM paper applications available?

    A.   Yes, you have two options concerning paper applications.

    1.  You may download the pdf applications available on the MGM web page.  As the Nominator please make sure you enter in your name, member number, and address on the front, left hand side.  Then sign the bottom of side two before passing along to your Nominee.

    2.  If you plan on distributing multiple paper applications (ie: your students) please contact for an application prepopulated with  your membership information in place.


  • Q.  How can I tell if I, the Nominee, joined ACS using a MGM application? 

    A.  Look at your online confirmation notice, towards the bottom on the left side there is a code.  If that code has "MGM" in it, then you joined ACS through the MGM Campaign!
    If you, the Nominee strayed from the online application process, and visited other web pages... the MGM link between the Nominator and Nominee is gone!  The two of you are no longer linked together through MGM. 

  • Q.  Can I purchase a periodic table blanket?

    A.  The Periodic Table of the Elements Blanket is unique to the MGM Campaign and not available for purchase.  The ACS Online Store does have a PTE beach towel available for purchase.

  • Q.  When will my gift be sent?

    A.  Nominators will be sent their gift once the Nominee has been accepted for membership and pays his/her dues by December 31, 2021 and while supplies last. 

    Gifts are shipped only once a month.
    The shipping lists are generated the first Friday of each new month and leave the ACS warehouse the following Wednesday or Thursday. 
    For each U.S. referral who accepted your MGM evite, we'll send your gift via the United States Postal Service (USPS).  If you referred multiple new members, your gifts will arrive boxed via UPS.  International shipments will arrive via your local postal carrier and boxed gifts will deliver in country via USPS International Priority.


    • Please make sure the address is current on your membership record. We prefer not to make deliveries to Post Office boxes. 
    • If you have provided an email address on your membership record, a shipping notification will be sent to you that will include a tracking number, address to which it is being shipped to, and estimated date of delivery.  The email does not come from ACS, but from our warehouse with an address that looks like this: DoNotReply@sisk
    • If you have not received your blanket within 30 days of receiving the shipping confirmation, please contact us at and we will track your original shipment.  Only when your original shipment has been returned to the warehouse will we reship another blanket... while supplies last.
    • When blankets are returned to the warehouse, we will contact you to confirm the address for reshipping one more time. If returned to the warehouse for a second time, the blanket(s) will be forefeited.  
  • Q.  Who can recruit and who can be recruited for membership?   

    A.  Current Members of the American Chemical Society can nominate colleagues, former members of the Society, university students working towards a degree in chemistry, people whose occupation directly concerns the practice of a chemical science, and whom you think will benefit from membership in ACS.  There is no limit on the number of new members you may recruit or the number of gifts you can earn.

     Encouraging a current member to renew their membership does not qualify the Nominator to receive a gift through the MGM Campaign.

    We would hope all current ACS members would follow the honor code and not  nominate themselves in order to receive the blanket.  

  • Q.  I tried to send a MGM evite to my Nominee and received a message it was being used with an exisiting nomination. 

    A.  If you, the Nominator, receives the following pop-up message 'Thank you for your submission.  This email address is associated with an existing nomination.  Please try again later.'  it is letting you know that your Nominee has already received a MGM evite and another MGM evite cannot be sent to that address. But, after 10 days if that MGM evite is not acted upon by the Nominee,  that particular MGM evite will expire and another MGM evite may be sent using that same email address.

    If you received the pop-up message 'This email address in ineligible for nomination because it may be associated with an existing ACS member account.' it is telling you that Nominee is already a current member or may have setup an ACS Web ID with that email address and may/may not be a member.  Your Nominee may have a secondary email address, try sending another MGM evite to that address.

  • Q.   When I, the Nominator, reviewed my list of Nominee's I noticed that my Nominee's name is 'green'.  What does that mean?

    A.   When your nominee joins the Society using your nomination, you will receive a confirmation email from ACS stating such, and your Nominee's name on your list will turn 'green'.

    If you do not receive a confirmation email within 10 days, your nominee did not take action or may have declined the nomination. At that time you may resend a MGM evite to the same email address.

I have specific questions that are not addressed here. Who can help me?

Contact ACS

Questions about Member-Get-A-Member:


Questions about your membership:

American Chemical Society
Member Services
PO Box 82229
Columbus, OH 43202-0229


 Service Hours:
Member Service representatives are available Monday through Friday,
except holidays, from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. eastern time.

For our Members in India


Phone:  +91-900 809 7001



 Fax: +614-447-3891

 Phone (within U.S.): 800-333-9511

Phone (outside U.S.): +614-447-3776

To update your membership information:

  • Go to
  • Log in to ACS using your ACS Web ID
  • Access "My Account" through the dropdown menu beside your name in the top header.
  • Update your membership information and save.

ACS Chemistry eGift Card

The ACS eGift card and the Member-Get-A-Member Campaign are the perfect combination!
Recognize a friends  commitment to chemistry by giving the gift of ACS membership.  Visit to learn more.

Membership Dues



Perfect for people with a degree, certification, or significant work history in chemical or related sciences, or with certification as a teacher of a chemical science.



For people whose occupation directly concerns the practice of a chemical science, but are ineligible to become Regular Members of ACS. 



For full-time graduate students majoring in a chemical science or a related academic discipline.



For those actively working toward an undergraduate degree in chemistry or in a related academic discipline. 

$29 without C&EN
$65 with C&EN subscription

I have specific questions that are not addressed here. Who can help me?