April 2022


Illustration of insects inside a burger

Bugs and the Future of Meat

By XiaoZhi Lim
Feeding the growing world population comes with an environmental cost. Edible insects could be part of a sustainable and tasty future.

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Sugar paste for hair removal on pink background

How Hair Removers Get Rid of Unwanted Fuzz

By Sam Lemonick, Chemical & Engineering News
People have been experimenting with hair removers since prehistoric times, sometimes with harmful effects. Find out how today’s creams work safely. 

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Teenager dancing and listening to music against light background

Can You Power Devices With Your Body?

By Max G. Levy
Imagine capturing and using energy from movement—from walking to heartbeats—the same way we harness energy from the sun. What would you charge with your footsteps? 

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Composition with different sorts of bottles containing mineral water

Bottled Water Wars

By Krystal Vasquez
Fizzy, plain, flavored, or alkaline. Drinking water has never before come in so many varieties. Understand the chemistry and health implications of your options.

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Illustration of insects on plants: Thysania agrippina par merian
Wikipedia/Public Domain

Open for Discussion: What’s the Difference Between Art and Science?

By Michael Tinnesand
You might think that art and science—and their respective practitioners—have little in common. But a closer examination dispels this notion.

Marcius Extavour
Photo provided by Marcius Extavour

Chemistry in Person: The Power of a Prize

By Max G. Levy
Optimism, competitiveness, and creativity led Marcius Extavour to work on multimillion-dollar contests that yield innovative solutions.