December 2023

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Fighting Frost With Ice

By Brian Rohrig
Late- or early-season frosts can wreak havoc on fruit orchards. Farmers use ice to protect the fragile buds from late-season frosts in the spring or fragile fruit like grapes and citrus in the fall.


Applying What You Learn

By Michael Tinnesand
Applying what we learn takes practice and intention. The best learners not only see how to master the concepts, but how they relate to everyday life. How many of us are able to do this?


Using Social Media to Teach Chemistry

By Felicia Chaplin
When COVID-19 made it hard for people to attend live science demonstrations, Chemical Kim found a way to bring science to them, through YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. 

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Person sitting in cold water

Hot and Cold Therapies for Injuries and Disease

By Brenda S. Collins
Thermotherapy and cryotherapy have their roots in ancient Egypt. Today we use chemistry to make hot and cold packs available anywhere. Which should you use when? And what happens within your body when you apply hot versus cold?

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Gold glitter spilling onto dark area

5 Things to Know About Glitter

By Kelley J. Donaghy
Glitter. You either love it or you hate it. Found in preschool classrooms to the runways of Paris, glitter is slowly becoming greener. 

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Bottle containing different medications

Keeping the Playing Field Level

By Steven Farmer
Performance-enhancing drugs have been used for centuries. To keep the playing field level, the World Anti-Doping Association uses sophisticated methods for determining natural testosterone from its synthesized counterpart.

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