October 2023

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Pimple Patches and What They Offer

By Brenda Collins
Pimples are common and often a teenager’s worst nightmare. Waking up with a conspicuous red spot on your face could not be more horrifying. Luckily, chemistry has some new solutions to clear up this problem.


Chemistry or ChemistrAI?

By Adam M. Boyd
Should we embrace the use of AI in chemistry and in other fields? No matter how we balance our hopes and fears, AI is predicted to have a huge impact on society.


Chemistry and Business, Working Together

You may think that chemistry and business don’t go hand-in-hand, but Christina Boville and David Romney can tell you otherwise. See how Tina and David went from the lab to becoming co-founders and CEOs of Aralez Bio.

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Scuba diver in the ocean surrounded by fish

Gas Laws and Scuba Diving

By Kathleen J. Dombrink and David O. Tanis
A basic knowledge of gas behavior gives scuba divers a better understanding of what happens during a dive.

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Graphic of superhero over yellow background

Flatus: Chemistry in the Wind

By Claudia Vanderborght
This is personal chemistry, perhaps not socially acceptable? But the chemistry of flatulence affects us all and is a fascinating topic for medical and atmospheric scientists.

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Person holding up a flask and inspecting it closely

Radium Girls: Dialing Up Trouble

By Bryan Curtis
The case of “the Radium Girls” is a tragic episode in workplace safety. It led to the deaths of many workers, primarily young women, but also led to the development of new workplace safety standards.

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