Undergraduate Chemistry Education Resources for Faculty

Instructional Materials

ACS Textbooks


Chemistry-based technology instructional materials
Curricular materials developed by and for chemistry-based programs that are aligned with the needs of employers.

Green Chemistry Education Resources
Books, modules, and multimedia resources.

ACS Examinations Institute
High quality chemistry assessment materials, including conceptual and laboratory exams, statistical data, student study guides, and more.

Service Learning Resources
Advice and tips on developing or improving a service learning program in chemistry.

Academic Standards & Guidelines

ACS Approval Program for Bachelor’s Degree Programs
ACS promotes excellence in chemistry education for undergraduate students through approval of baccalaureate chemistry programs.

ACS Guidelines for Chemistry Programs at Two Year Colleges
A comprehensive model for two-year colleges.

Reports, Studies and Surveys on Chemistry Education
Read the latest reports, studies and surveys on chemistry education.

Professional Development

Courses and Workshops
Find teacher training and professional development workshops.

ACS Leadership Development System
A comprehensive leadership curriculum to help advance your career.

Two-Year College Faculty Resources

ACS provides resources tailored to the two-year college chemistry community.

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