Volunteer for USNCO

There are many ways to contribute your time and expertise to USNCO! Learn how to get involved as a coordinator, mentor, local volunteer, or annotator of past exams.

Become a USNCO Coordinator

Volunteer to coordinate your Local Chemistry Olympiad! Coordinators are appointed by their ACS Local Section Chair. Find your section chair using our Local Section lookup tool or learn more about coordinator responsibilities from the Coordinator FAQs page and handbook.

USNCO Mentor

Mentors play a vital role in preparing the nation’s brightest high school students to compete in the International Chemistry Olympiad. Mentors are college professors and high school teachers who the top 20 students from the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad at a study camp through a series of preparatory problems to test student skills and ultimately select the Team USA for the International Chemistry Olympiad competition

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Help Local Students Prepare

USNCO welcomes educators who can help students prepare for Local Competitions. ACS Local Sections are also always looking for enthusiastic educators to help prepare the students to participate in the program. Contact your Local Section coordinator to volunteer.

Annotate Exam Solutions

High school students, teachers, and other volunteers can annotate past USNCO exams to help students prepare. Email usnco@acs.org to get involved.

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