Students interested in competing must register with ACS by completing the registration form no later than December 15, 2023. Registration does not guarantee participation in the program.

Having the right tools to prepare for Local, National and International Olympiad Exams is the key to success at each level. To prepare for exams, explore our resources below to:

  • Review past exams for practice
  • Take advantage of our recorded webinars
  • Network and collaborate

More Resources

Review Past Exams

Links to annotated files are included next to the corresponding exam below. Detailed solutions are provided directly in the files for National Exam Parts 2 and 3.

Local Chemistry Olympiad Exams  

National Chemistry Olympiad Exams  

Detailed solutions are provided directly in the files for National Exam Parts 2 and 3.

To suggest corrections to past solutions, please submit them in the USNCO Preparation Hub.

Solutions are kindly annotated by our volunteers, view all acknowledgments. Sign up as a volunteer to annotate past exams.

USNCO Preparation Hub

Communicate With Fellow Students

This forum is open to anyone interested in USNCO. Share your favorite resources, ask questions of our volunteers, or share comments/suggestions for annotated solution guides in the relevant forums. You only need an ACS ID to login and join the conversation (a member number is not required).

Encouraging environment

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USNCO Coaching

Get extra help with a USNCO Coach

USNCO Coaching program will be continued in 2024. Applications from high school chemistry teachers are now accepted. The deadline for teachers to submit an appliction to serve as a USNCO Coach is October 23, 2023

Student registraion is open, application deadlinefor students is December 18, 2023

Get extra help during 2-hour sessions for small groups, led by coaches from across the U.S. Coaching sessions will be organized over Zoom and coordinated by the American Chemical Society.

Professional coaching

Easy access over Zoom

Small group study sessions